How are your studies going? Here at Skritter, we've begun work on a new video course, as well as continuing to make improvements to the apps and website, as well as curate all-new study decks to keep you learning and motivated.

Below you'll see a selection of some of the new content over on Skritter. On the Japanese side of things, we have all-new Jouyou Kanji study decks which you can learn more about below. We've also compiled an ultimate guide to stroke order on the blog, or you can go ahead and study the deck from here

We are also in the process of shooting and editing another mini-video course teaching 25 idioms related to numbers. We've already released the first course which featured animals, so we're excited to get this one out to subscribers as soon as possible.

Finally, we're currently auditing the new HSK 3.0 lists and will update Skritter as soon as it goes live.

As always, happy studying.

🎋 New Japanese Jouyou Kanji Decks!

Jouyou Kanji (常用漢字) are Kanji that are used on a daily basis – there are roughly 2,000 of them. Learn more about these characters, and study on Skritter today!

✍️ The Ultimate Guide to Chinese Character Stroke Order

Olle and the team have been hard at work putting together years of work into a single ultimate resource for learning correct stroke order. Go read the blog, watch the video, then study the Skritter deck. Luckily, by using Skritter, stroke order comes naturally, so you don't even need to be conscious of the rules. 

🏆 Last Month's Study Stats

Lots of green arrows last month! You spent more time studying, studied even more items, and remembered what you learned. We think it's pretty amazing that just by regularly using Skritter, our users get an average retention rate of 89%! This means you're only forgetting about 11% of what you study, which is pretty awesome. 

🌎 Earth Day Study Deck

April 22nd is Earth Day. In this Chinese study deck, you'll learn vocabulary and phrases related to the climate crisis. Start learning so we can start talking about the climate crisis and help bring awareness to it! 🌏

🪐 #ChengyuTuesdsay

This image wraps up another batch of 25 Chinese idiom images. We're now in the process of making the final set, which will total 100 idioms! You can view the rest here #chengyutuesday. We've also begun work on the second video course for these images, teaching them in more depth. Watch the first video course here.

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