Cointopay interconnect and #GetCryptoRich update
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Cointopay Interconnect

Decentralize, Share and Profit from your crypto wallets

We are now introducing Cointopay Interconnect as a unique feature for Account- and Platform Interconnectivity. To understand how it works we have constructed a simple youtube movie. In our terminology it gives you e.g. the opportunity to connect an Autonomy account to any SecureCloud offerings out there.


Updates on the business side

We have decided that for new accounts we will charge 2.95 euro in crypto currency per month. Old accounts will not have this cost. If an account has not paid we have a grace period before an account is temporarily disabled, this does not mean the balance will be leveled. As option you can always ask to freeze an account, we will not charge anything for not using your account. An automated invoice is sent by mail to the new users.

The incentive for you
If somebody signs up using the tag, you get monthly 25% of the 2.95 euro. That means if you get 100 sign ups that pay every month, you get a recurring monthly payment of: 73,75 euro in the altcoin that was paid with straight into your account!

Release of the url
The Cointopay platform will be downloabable via and customers can acquire a license, we have different types of licenses like developer, personal, business and enterprise. An example of this model is has not chosen to ask any subscriber fees for now. Please note that Interconnect is fully working on any Cointopay platform.

Once we release the software we will send you another update by mail. You will be able to try out the platform for 30 days after which a license is required. The incentive model and all that is provided like plugs will be made generic so that you can use e.g. shopify integration and woo commerce for your shop as well.

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