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Your Monthly Guide to Educational, Recreational, and Community Resources in the Big Sky Area

Brought to you by Morningstar Learning Center as part of the Basecamp to Kindergarten Program.  This newsletter is designed to support early childhood education and to help all Big Sky families stay on top of local happenings and resources for their little learners. 

This month's theme is Back to School!

 Book of the Month

It's the night before preschool, and a little boy named Billy is so nervous he can't fall asleep. The friends he makes the next day at school give him a reason not to sleep the next night, either: he's too excited about going back! The book's simple rhyming text and sweet illustrations will soothe any child's fears about the first day of school.

Have fun before school starts back! Write words out, and have your preschool trace with Play-Doh. 



Uppercase Do-A-Dot Letters with your Preschooler


  • Do-A-Dot Markers
  • Smock or apron
  • Printable (click link) Uppercase worksheets


  • Gather all your materials and sit next to your tot.
  • Depending on your tot’s dexterity, you may need to unscrew the Dot-A-Dot markers for them.
  • Show your tot how to press the marker straight down inside one of the circles on the worksheet to make a dot.
  • Allow him or her to finish the rest of the worksheets on his or her own.

Get your preschooler ready by asking QUESTIONS! Start talking with them about where they live, what they like to do, who lives with you, where were they were born. Make it fun by using a beach ball to write questions on it! Your preschooler will love it!
Good morning parents of Morningstar Learning Center!
Morningstar Learning Center is excited to announce our own webpage, for our campaign to raise $40,000. Please view our webpage, and make a donation! Every little bit helps!

Have you ever wondered about the appropriateness of movies or other media for your child?  Common Sense Media is a San Francisco based non-profit organization that provides education and advocacy to families to promote safe technology and media for children. 

Common Sense Media improves the lives of kids and families by providing independent reviews, age ratings, & other information about all types of media.
Basecamp to Kindergarten Checkout Activities

Morningstar Learning Center's Basecamp to Kindergarten backpacks are finished and are available for loan at Morningstar Learning Center and the Big Sky Community Library.  These resource activity bags contain fun kindergarten readiness activities for preschool students and resources for parents to take the guesswork out of what kids need to know to be successful in kindergarten.  Three different kits are available.  These resources were created by Basecamp to Kindergarten in collaboration with Ophir Kindergarten teachers and the the Big Sky Community Library.  Check them out at your convenience!
Morningstar Learning Center
Summer Program 2016

**Summer camp scholarships are available for
children ages 3-6 through Women In Action**
This camp will benefit kids by strengthening their knowledge about agriculture, food, nutrition, and the environment.  Each child will have the opportunity to learn about and plant seeds to grow our own vegetables. Everyone will make their own starter veggie which they can take home in their own bucket garden.  They will learn about growing, composting, safety, and where our food comes from!
This week we will learn all about the animals that live in our natural environment. We will learn to identify scat and tracks and look forward to visits from Jack Creek Preserve who will bring in a variety of pelts and furs and lead kids on a learning adventure about our wilderness and conservation. We will end this week with an amazing field trip to the Jack Creek Preserve.
This week, our youngest friends will jump into the kitchen with one of our very own parents, Ashley Dodd, to create some tasty, healthy treats. Kids will experiment with a variety of cooking and baking techniques. Kids will get messy with food and make some of our favorite snacks throughout the week.
This week will be learning about safety surrounding biking and roads in our community. Kids will participate in obstacle courses, bike races and learn how to properly maintain their bikes. Each kid is encouraged to ride his/her bike to school while wearing a helmet. We will enjoy the sun and great outdoors on our bikes.
Under the art direction of our own Miss Heather Rapp, we will explore the creative world of art! We will expose our kids to a wide range of art techniques and will offer the opportunity to dive into color, texture, and out of the box art projects. We will lead the children in a variety of other art projects throughout the week including outdoor painting and tie-dying!
One of our favorite weeks! This is when we get to talk about (and experience) all of the wonderful outdoor adventures that are provided to us while living in this beautiful area. Kids will be taking hikes throughout the week as well as exploring our natural environment. We will learn about safety in the great outdoors while "camping", hiking and adventuring.
Kids will enjoy a week of moving our bodies and learning about movement, rhythm and beat.  Bodies in Motion will encompass a variety of basic yoga moves. We will teach a mixture of movements, songs, and good ole' fashioned fun. This will go hand in hand with learning about the importance of keeping our bodies moving!
Students will dive into water week by experiencing water activities.  We will explore what lives in or around the waters of Montana, participate in water relays, water balloon activities and find out if different items sink or float.
We will utilize the Skyline Bus to go the Community Park soccer field and softball fields to learn and play a variety of sports including T-ball, soccer, and kick ball. Kids will learn the basic skills of each sport as well as the importance of teamwork and being part of a team, and most importantly, playing outside in the Summer sun!
Yee Haw!! This week kids will saddle up and ride into the wild, wild west. Kids will discover the ways of the west by creating wagons for transportation, meals made from scratch and kids will get to ride their imaginary horses into the sunset of the wild west week. Get your cowboy/girl hats on and let's ride! We will be visited by special guests -- horses! Kids will be able to touch and feed our special guests!


  • CD Player
  • Snacks
These items can be dropped off at Morningstar Learning Center anytime throughout the school day.  Thank you for you support!

Preschool Storytime
Ages 0-5
Monday @ 10:30am.

Each story time has a different theme. We’ll read books and do an activity based on that theme.  Check the library calendar for special programs.
This is a great opportunity to meet other kids and parents, learn about school resources and get to know our outstanding library staff! Also, be sure to ask us about our 1000 books before Kindergarten Program. 


We look forward to seeing you and your little ones!

This Newsletter is brought to you by Morningstar Learning Center and the generous contributions made by Women In Action, Yellowstone Club Community Foundation and Big Sky Resort Tax Allocations.
For information about enrollment and Programming at Morningstar Learning Center please contact us at 995-2565.

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 16th edition Basecamp to Kindergarten Newsletter

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