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Your Monthly Guide to Educational, Recreational, and Community Resources in the Big Sky Area

Brought to you by Morningstar Learning Center as part of the Basecamp to Kindergarten Program.  This newsletter is designed to support early childhood education and to help all Big Sky families stay on top of local happenings and resources for their little learners. 

This month's theme is May Flowers!

 Book of the Month

The reason for a flower is to manufacture seeds, but Ruth Heller shares a lot more about parts of plants and their functions in her trademark rhythmic style.


Bluebells Egg Carton Flower

Craft for Kids

Materials for Egg Carton Flowers

Directions for Egg Carton Flowers

1. Cut your egg carton apart into segments. Trim the edges to make them smooth and wavy.

Paint your egg carton pieces the color of bluebells.

3. To make the centers of the flowers, cut some thin strips of yellow 
construction paper. Wrap them around a pencil or other round item to make them spiral shaped.

Glue the yellow spiral to the center of the flower.

5. Once the glue has dried, you can trim the yellow centers to the correct height and manipulate them a bit to get them to look the way you want.

6. Cut out a green stem and some green leaves from your green 
construction paper and glue them onto your paper.

7. Glue your flowers on the stem and leaves and let dry.


You will need 20 
craft sticks (pop sticks), play dough, miniature cupcake liners, large sticker dots, black marker pen, and glue.   I used the hot glue gun to stick on the cupcake liners but craft glue will work just as well once it has dried.

We numbered the sticker dots and placed them inside the cupcake liner to make them look more like flowers.


  • Talk about the shapes of the numbers such as number 9 has a circle and a line or number 8 has two circles. Children begin to associate shape and the name of the number. 

  • Use a number line chart if needed for guidance.

  • Read stories about numbers.

  • For younger children, complete this activity using only numbers 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 and add more as your child develops.

  • For older children this can be useful for skip counting by 2s or 5s.

Gather your materials. You will need a divided tray, some seed packets, tweezers, scissors, and tape. You may also want some ziplocs and a sharpie for storing extra seeds.

I chose seeds that would likelybe familiar to my group of 3 year olds. With older children throw in a few less recognizable ones for a challenge. Start by cutting the package carefully on the bottom.

Pop a few seeds in the center section of your tray and put the rest in a labeled bag for later use.Tape the empty seed envelope to the tray.

I added tweezers to this activity for some novelty but little fingers are perfectly acceptable too!

Art Activity of the Month

Supplies for Paper Plate Flower Craft:

Cost: under $5

  • Small paper plates (dessert size)
  • Paint (green paint and other desired colors for flower)
  • Craft Stick
  • Green paper (we used foam paper)
  • Scissors
  • Glue 


1. Cut small slits into the parameter of paper plates. Go back through and cut another slit so that the slits connect and you cut out a small piece. My preschooler was able to cut the first slit but needed help with the second slit. This makes your flower petals.

2. Paint craft stick green and allow to dry.

3. Paint paper plate and allow to dry. 

4. Glue craft stick to the back of the paper plate as the stem.

5. Cut two leaves from the green paper and glue to either side of the craft stick.

Extend the Activity:

  • Discuss the parts of a flower
  • Work on math skills with your preschooler and count the number of petals on their flowers.
  • Plant flowers
Good morning parents of Morningstar Learning Center!
Morningstar Learning Center is excited to announce our own webpage, for our campaign to raise $40,000. Please view our webpage, and make a donation! Every little bit helps!

Have you ever wondered about the appropriateness of movies or other media for your child?  Common Sense Media is a San Francisco based non-profit organization that provides education and advocacy to families to promote safe technology and media for children. 

Common Sense Media improves the lives of kids and families by providing independent reviews, age ratings, & other information about all types of media.
Basecamp to Kindergarten Checkout Activities

Morningstar Learning Center's Basecamp to Kindergarten backpacks are finished and are available for loan at Morningstar Learning Center and the Big Sky Community Library.  These resource activity bags contain fun kindergarten readiness activities for preschool students and resources for parents to take the guesswork out of what kids need to know to be successful in kindergarten.  Three different kits are available.  These resources were created by Basecamp to Kindergarten in collaboration with Ophir Kindergarten teachers and the the Big Sky Community Library.  Check them out at your convenience!

Parent's Date Night

Our program offers a night out for parents while your children are being safely supervised in a fun and exciting environment at Morningstar Learning Center!


WHEN: First Friday of the Month

 6:00 P.M. till 10:00 P.M.

*Date Night will begin 30 minutes after the official closing time.*

Please note: *Children may not stay continuously from regular hours of operation through the Date Night hours*

FEE: $30 Per Child / $10 for additional siblings

Your child in pajamas with his/her favorite pillow/blanket (labeled please). A completed after-hours registration - including number where you may be reached during those hours.


                    DATES TO REMEMBER:                                          

May 6, 2016



  • Treasure Box Goodies
  • White and Colored Cardstock
  • Snacks
These items can be dropped off at Morningstar Learning Center anytime throughout the school day.  Thank you for you support!

Preschool Storytime
Ages 0-5
Monday @ 10:30am.

Each story time has a different theme. We’ll read books and do an activity based on that theme.  Check the library calendar for special programs.
This is a great opportunity to meet other kids and parents, learn about school resources and get to know our outstanding library staff! Also, be sure to ask us about our 1000 books before Kindergarten Program. 


We look forward to seeing you and your little ones!

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