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All of Brazil and other parts of Latin America are being impacted by drought

Sao Paulo (Brazil) runs out of water

Sao Paulo, Brazil, is in the midst of an untimely crisis that many claim could have been avoided – it’s running out of water, and fast. The Cantareira Water System, an interbasin transfer, provides less than  5% of its capacity of 1 trillion liters. 

Many credit the recent drought-like summer and the deforestation of the Amazon, for the water shortage. Others say this could have easily been avoided if cautionary measures were taken earlier. Read more

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BetterWorldSolutions' goal is to inspire governments, (water) managers, entrepreneurs, corporations, NGO's, students and civil societies to work together on clean water supply.


Milestones from the discussion about the water shortening of Brazil are already worth mentioning

The discussion did go viral

BetterWorldSolutions started a discussion in the LinkedIn group ‘Green Cities’, which went viral in a couple of days. This is the 3th discussion started by BetterWorldSolutions that did go viral within 2 weeks:


Possible solutions mentioned
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Proposals and a mini task-force?

Rebuilding the (eco)system

If we could establish the Amazon, we can reverse climate change, including global warming. Suprabha Seshan, has a motto “Gardening back the biosphere.”  She does a wonderful job rebuilding ecosystems. World wide we have to do so in order to keep our planet the house of wild live and future generations.

Technical proposals 

Fresh water management

Sao Paulo runs out of water

Sao Paulo, Brazil, in the midst of an untimely crisis that many claim could have been avoided – is running out of water. And fast! The Cantareira Water System, an interbasin transfer, provides less than 16% of its capacity of 1 trillion liters. Read more
Water is one of three sectors of
Direct and indirect partners came up with the following easy-to-operate, low-cost and smart freshwater maintenance.


The benefits of Thorium nuclear energy

Two weeks ago, here at BetterWorldSolutions [link], we stumbled upon the (alleged) richness of Thorium, energizer of the Liquid Fluride Thorium Reactor. Indeed, nuclear energy, but different than we used to know. Who would have guessed… But, for us for sure, this turned out to be too goof to be true.
It’s debunked, see the second comment at the relevant discussion in our LinkedIn Group.



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