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Last week, Siberia recorded a temperature of

33.2 degrees Celsius


Last week, Siberia reached a temperature of 33.2 degrees Celsius. That’s 91.8 in Fahrenheit and about 20 degrees or 68°F too high! Scientists warn of extreme weathers.

As the poles have warmed, the Hemispherical Jet Streams have moved out of the Middle Latitudes more and more. Yet the world faces weather destabilization and extreme weather generating mixing of seasons. 
Our climate system behaviour continues to behave in new and scary ways that we have never anticipated, or seen before. 

Welcome to climate chaos. We must declare a global climate emergency. 

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GOAL 2025

Norway agreed on all-electric mobility

Norway decided to go for all-electric cars by 2025. The country will ban petrol cars. In the Scandinavian country, a quarter of the cars sold, are all-electric. And since 2015, the first electrical car and passenger ferry powered by batteries has entered service in Norway. 

The government will help the car industry to achieve the intended objectives to only sell zero-emission cars within a decade. Like the Swedish Volvo, which is focussing on the electric car. By 2025 Volvo wants to sell a million cars with electric support. Volvo's CEO has said that Volvo will produce at least two hybrid versions of each model. Moreover, the company has planned to launch a fully electric car by 2019.
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Sweden celebrates first electric highway

The first part of an electric highway is ready to use. This project is the result of the collaboration between Siemens and Scania.
It's a 2 kilometer freeway in central Sweden with power lines stretched over the righthand lane. 

Hybrid trucks, specially fitted with a device called a 'pantograph power collector', can drive underneath the lines and tap into the power. When connected to the lines, they run completely on electricity.

When the trucks drive out of the line, the pantograph is disconnected and the truck is powered by the combustion engine or the Li-ion 5 kWh battery-operated electric motor. The same principle applies, when the driver wants to overtake another vehicle while on the electrified strip of the road.
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the world benefits

Iceland turns CO2 into stone

Iceland has done it again. No its not football. It's even better. They successfully turned CO2 into stone.   

Scientists and engineers are fighting climate change by injecting CO2 deep into volcanic rocks. This new process involves mixing CO2 with water, injecting the mixture into underground layers of basalt. Within a few months, the mixture is converted into rock hard carbonate. Read all about it.

Grid of the future

SolarCity offers a full service lease construction for house owners. The Californian company is performing the entire process. From audit and financial analysis to PV installation and interconnection.  

When a customer signs up for a SolarCity system with battery backup, he secures his home's energy needs and contributes to the stability of the (mini) electric grid. Read all about it.

Solar Inverter Power Density +40%

More solar power with less solar panels? It's possible with the new Solar Inverter from ABB.

ABB is testing it's promising inverter, which significantly increases the incoming power from PV. If successful, it means huge savings, as inverters represent one of the big expenses of your solar PV project. Read all about it.

Gibraltar is enjoying it's wave power

The Gibraltar grid gets greener. In 2015, Eco Wave Power started to build a 5 megawatt ocean power plant at the Gibraltar coast.

The wave power plant is now connected to the grid, providing 1 MW which will be extended to 5 MW. That will provide up to 15% of the territory's electricity needs and meets its renewable energy commitments to the EU by 2020, according to Eco Wave Power. Read more


Boyan Slat unveils The Ocean Cleanup Prototype

This prototype, developed by CleanUp the Oceans, can be a real game changer. Since June, the installation has been tested on the North Sea.

It's an invention of Boyan Slat, with which he wants to clean up the plastic debris in the oceans. Instead of an installation of one hundred kilometers in length, this scale model is a one hundred meters long prototype which is posted for the Dutch coast in the North Sea. Read all about it. 

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