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Products that contribute to a Better World

This is blue-greenish!

The SolarBee keeps your stagnant water clean

Some time ago a local citizen in Western USA saw something in the water reservoir of a local water company. He called the firm and said there was a car floating top-down in their basin. That was the start of a series of news coverages throughout Northern America about the SolarBee a floating solar powered water moving deviceIn fact, in that particular reservoir there were, and still are, 5 SolarBee’s at work. Read more

This BioGas system transfers soil into gas and electricity

BioGas for African Farmers

These systems will spark a revolution in the biogas business in (sub)tropical regions by providing unique, off-the-shelf biogas solutions. 
Like many subtropical regions, farmers in the Sub-Saharan – Africa – depend primarily on wood for energy. 
BioGas is particularly well suited to meet household energy needs in Sub-Saharan Africa, while simultaneously improving both soil conditions and household sanitation. Read more

Summertime: are you also replacing your hardware? 

Consider the IWe-SNEW sustainable project

  • SNEW buys and collects your 'old' hardware
  • iWe, sends it to Bangladesh, teaching young people computer technology and internet skills
Together they do an amazing job to improve the world. Take a look on the opportunities for your business


Suggestions of new technologies to supply clean, fresh water to (poor) communities all over the world

Let's solve the water problems in dry area

In a discussion we asked for clean water products and technologies that will help overcome the scarcity of clean, fresh water. And because methods for purification of water are just as different as recipes for favorite dishes as Niels Erik Jorgensen mentioned, we got many reactions. This is a short list. 
  • Inoke Mo'unga from the small Island Tonga, sanitizes rainwater tanks WITHOUT using chemicals. They need your help. Find out why
  • Water Saving Solutions - Massimiliano Montesi generates water from the air 

  • Michael Thomas recommended the Warka Water Tower which provides remote villages about 25 gallons of clean drinking water per day from the air
  • Eros Kaw mentioned Biocleaners. "If its sanitation plus drinking water....well, it has to be cheap. cheap to own and cheap to operate. It is used to clean polluted rivers till the water is clean enough for drinking"
  • Cryodesalination is meant because waters high in sulphates, can be treated using Barium salts to precipitate out barium sulphate. Recovering the Barium, sulphur and lime may generate sufficient revenue to pay for the whole process. Ian Pearson
  • We also liked the product of Bhaskar Mallimadugula. He suggests a product to grow Diatom Algae in lakes and reservoirs. A 'waste to wealth' solution that keeps the lakes and reservoirs clean, reduces bacteria, mosquitoes and increases fish catch (diatoms are the best food for fish).
  • Know this? Wastewater turns into usable fresh water through Bio-Solar Purification: based on the combination of sun on photosynthetic microflora in tubular photo-reactor. By Laurent Sohier
  • Greg Chick came with a simple but maybe effective idea of local pedal driven pump stations supplied with a filter to pressure dispense drinking water. Can he cooperate with you?

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This we like too, follow and inform you about:

* Powered by infrared energy ('solar' power by night) on YouTube
* Top 5 alternative sustainable energy resources (plus 15 runners up)
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