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People must have access to drinking water in urban area

The demand for water gets worse every day

As we all know a lot of cities are facing a water crisis. Tokyo is nr. 1 of worlds water stressed cities. Two third of China's metropols are facing serious water problems. Water-starved Beijing residents dig wells outside their homes!

During the summer of 2014, experts predicted that by 2025 Sana’a, Yemen would be the first capital city to run out of water. They were wrong. The water crisis started in Sao Paulo.

It doesn't take a long time ahead that a U.S. city runs out of water. Miami, is the second-most vulnerable U.S. city in a drought according to a University of Florida Environmental Hydrology Laboratory study
. Cities such as Cleveland, Chicago and New York follow not far behind.

In this newsletter we record: 
  • Demand
    • sustainable drinking water solutions
    • water solutions for urban agriculture
  • Availability
    • harvesting and storage
    • improved quality of water resources and distributed water

One of BetterWorldSolutions' goal is to inspire governments, (water) managers, entrepreneurs, corporations, NGO's, students and civil societies to work together on clean water supply. 

Demand for water

Salt water desalination using solar energy can solve freshwater crisis
EU researchers developed a high-efficiency and low-cost desalination technology by exploiting solar energy. Click for more information and contact

The amount of desalted water produced world wide has more than tripled since 2000.
Recycling and reuse industrial and domestic waste water
Novoflow (Swiss) is a producer of (nano)filtration units and is specialized in self cleaning systems.
They cooperate with 
Acquadomini in Sao Paulo, specialized in reusing water. 
Together they recycle and reuse both industrial water and domestic waste water in Brazil
Irrigation with cleaned water from contaminated rivers and lakes
Biocleaner treats water down to recycle grade (irrigation, boiler reuse, cooling towers, washing water) and even to drinking water with Reverse Osmosis (RO Membranes).

It can be effectively used in natural waterways such as rivers, lakes and bays. Biocleaner has offices World Wide
Is Permaculture the solution for urban agriculture?
Permaculture can help farmers produce more food using fewer resources through agro ecology – a farming approach that mimics natural ecosystems.

Learn all about dam and pond construction, terraces, benches, spillways, crossing pipes and road-works.
Permaculture might be the sustainable solution for urban agriculture in dry area. 


Availability of water

Green/Blue cities of the future
Our temperature  is rising. Consequences are: to much water, drought and not enough drinking water. It's time for climate change adaption.

More water (blue) and flora (green) will make the city more resilient during periods of extreme rainfall or drought. Click for solutions


Collect all the rainwater on roofs 
Yearly, a lot of rainwater gets lost and even damages (houses in) cities. 

Aquaflow helps cities to collect and reuse all the rain and stormwater, solving cities water issues. Solutions for parking roofs, offices and congres centers.
This is multifunctional land at its best: ditches and ponds disappearing under buildings


Limited space? Porous Paving Stones
The construction of underground water storage in combination with other techniques as porous paving stones, is useful in places with limited space.

Drainage capacity can be increased through the above-ground drainage of rainwater
National Primary Drinking Water Regulations 

The EPA sets standards protect public health by limiting the levels of contaminants in drinking water. Six categories should be tested:

  1. Microorganisms
  2. Disinfectants
  3. Disinfection Byproducts
  4. Inorganic Chemicals
  5. Organic Chemicals
  6. Radionuclides
Upcycle used water and save up to 90%

Hotels, sporting centers, Olympics, cruise ships, campings, businesses offer sporting facilities for employees ...: 
you all can recycle and reuse your shower water and save up to 90% water and gas!

  1. water is filtered
  2. the water is pumped up
  3. UV light disinfects the water
  4. experience the 25L/min fall
  5. the water is collected and kept at a constant temperature

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BetterWorldSolutions started a discussion on LinkedIn asking solutions for the water crisis in Sao Paulo Brazil. Within the discussion group and some water managers and engineers are trying to get a payed invitation for 'On Spot Visits' in Sao Paulo and the region.

"In a way, many countries contribute gladly for the deforestation of the Amazon Forest. And following their example, so does the rest of Brazil. When I buy wood for any construction or furniture, 99,9% of this wood comes only from...the Amazon Forest! The rest is gone!
The fantastic and gigantic forest of araucaria angustifolia - the Brazilian pine tree - was cut in only 20 years! People thought at first that it would last for centuries. From the Atlantic Forest we have something of 7% of it remaining. The Atlantic Forest was much richer than the Amazon Forest. And it is gone forever.

Let's trying to convince governors to cooperate in a new way. Avoiding returning mistakes, make advantage of new approaches and plan a sustainable future for the beautiful country of Brazil. 

BetterWorldSolutions is sharing the issues and possibilities with her partners Water Managers, Engineers, local influencers and politicians in order to work together and solve the water crisis for the next decades.

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