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All of Brazil is impacted by drought

Sao Paulo needs sustainable measures 

The State of São Paulo, with 44 million inhabitants the most populous state of Brazil, has been suffering for months under extreme drought. Solving the water crisis means that city, state and country need to take sustainable measures now. 

In this newsletter we show: 
  • the matter of fixing the leaks
  • rainwater collection infrastructure
  • water reuse
  • new water production systems
  • the Guarani Aquifer 
  • and ... reforestation

We from are still glad with the comments coming from all over the world. In order to concreet the information, we made an update of the status, ideas and advices for dehydrating cities just like Sao Paulo.

One of BetterWorldSolutions' goal is to inspire governments, (water) managers, entrepreneurs, corporations, NGO's, students and civil societies to work together on clean water supply. Because even if it rains a lot this summer, it will take years before the reservoirs are at normal levels again. 

Water loss from failing infrastructure

Clearly it’s time to fix the leaks

A third of the cities in the world face leakage levels of more than 40%. Sao Paulo is no different. That's why Dutch-Brazilian Arcadis Logos is closely involved in tracking and fixing the leaks. 

Fortunately, a suite of cost-effective approaches to reducing water loss is now available: Best practices include state-of-the-art auditing methods, leak detection monitoring, targeted repairs or upgrades, pressure management and better metering technologies. [link]

Delivering safe, high quality drinking water to communities

Water reuse

The reuse of treated wastewater seems te be still a novel concept in Brazil due to absence of a proper legal framework. Only 2 percent of companies reuse treated wastewater.

Koch Membrane Systems finished a case study in 2012 in order to build a treatment plant capable of meeting Sao Paulo's pressing demand for industrial reuse water. They started building in 2012. 
Read more 
Smart infrastructure - don't spill a drop

Rainwater harvesting infrastructure

With this Aquaflow® system cities collect rainwater in roads, so it can be transported to the recycle plant and reused again. This is one of the 'Green City Solutions' that helps cities to collect all the water they can get.

The space for rainwater storage arises because the road foundation is built with multiple broken stone with 40% voids. The salvage deflates by infiltration (on sandy soils) or delay drainage to avoid that the ground drops down because of lowering ground water levels. Multifunctional land at its best: ditches and ponds disappearing under roads and parking lots.

Water from (garage)roofs and streets

The rainwater from roofs as well as from streets, fits into the road foundation. The water from the street usually drops off by water passing or porous pavement. But it can also be through a special AquaFlow WT swirling or Aquaflow water trip in the gutter with asphalt, tile or solid paving. Water from roofs can be connected above the ground or underground. Read more  
Finished in 2018

New water production system

Arcadis Logos also works on a new water production system, west of Sao Paolo. This São Lourenço project can definitely 1.5 million people with water. Unfortunately the project was delayed and will be completed in 2018.
Biggest water reservoir in the world

What about the Guarani Aquifer? 

The Guarani Aquifer is located beneath the surface of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay, and one of the world's largest aquifer systems: it covers 460,000 square miles. This enormous reservoir can be an important source of fresh water for the regio. Read more

Milestones from the discussion about the water shortening of Brazil are already worth mentioning

Join the discussion

BetterWorldSolutions started a discussion in the LinkedIn group ‘Green Cities’, which went viral in a couple of days. This is the 3th discussion started by BetterWorldSolutions that did go viral within 2 weeks:


The State of São Paulo is the world’s seventh most populous urban area and is considered the economic, financial, and technical hub of Brazil. The region contains nearly one-fourth of the country’s population but less than 2% of Brazil’s water.
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