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Can drones be used to plant a billion trees?


According to Lauren Fletcher, former engineer at NASA and CEO of BioCarbon Engineering, deforestation of the tropical rain forests can be stopped using his special developed drones.

Flatcher has developed drones that will carry pre-germinated seeds, dropping them in pods from 3 meters above the ground. With drones, he claims to be able te replant 36.000 trees a day. That's about one billion trees per year at 15% of the costs of hand plantation. 

Coated seeds
The seeds are coated with a nutritions hydrogel, which Fletcher believes will ensure much more effective seeding than traditional airborne attempts.
Though it is not as effective as hand planting on a seed by seed basis, it has the capability to plant thousands of times more seeds and only needs one worker to pilot multiple drones. 

As upwards of 26 billion trees are cut down every year and only 15 billion are replanted, we are facing a deficit. 

Read all about this beautiful solution and watch the video



Ships have to switch to green power


Ships are responsible for more than 5,5% of the global emissions. One container ship pollutes as much as 50 Million cars. And if no action is taken, emissions will increase as much as 2 to 3 times by 2050. That's 17%, which is unacceptable.

Ships need an ambitious climate target
That's why the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) wants the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) quickly to make a firm commitment to significantly reduce CO2 emissions from shipping. 

The main cause of the toxic emissions is bunker fuel, a tar-like sludge left over from petroleum refining that produces an especially noxious exhaust. The good news is that some global shipping companies already have moved to curb emissions without government regulation. 

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Self-audit tool to assess your circular strategy

WEconomics developed a self-audit tool to assess the circular strategy of your company. 

After completing the survey, organizations will get instant results and recommendations enabling them to improve the way they handle sustainability. 

Audit your circular strategy. Start here.


Wind Turbine with 4 rotors


A wind turbine should generate more electricity. But how? The Danish Vestas Wind Systems may have and answer. The company is currently testing a wind turbine with four rotors.  

The new wind turbines on the test site in Riso (Denmark), must show that turbines do not have to be necessarily larger in order to increase their production. 

Read all about it here (video included)


More electricity efficiency by a glider


Have you already seen this PowerPlane? It's a energy turbine that extracts energy from the wind, much more economically than conventional wind turbines. The system has been developed in the Netherlands and is, since this spring, also giving Australia green electricity. 

2 MW / plane
PowerPlane systems convert wind power into mechanical power by having an autopilot-controlled glider plan creating pull on a tether by flying repetitive cross-wind patters at an altitude of 300 to 600 meters. After the Netherlands, Australia is the country to upgrade the testing of the system. In Australia, a 12-meter wingspan glider and the 30 – 40-meter wingspan glider with a capacity of approximately 2 MW will be operational, connected to the grid.

Read all about it here (video included)



EcoRegions Indonesia


EcoRegions International asks for water and energy solutions for a villa park in Indonesia.
EcoRegions are currently looking at setting up a 20 MW solar power station and building around 1,500 villas in NTB. They are looking for water and energy solutions. Do you have a solution you want to sell? Please contact John Higson: president director and co-founder EcoRegions International.

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