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Flooding precautions for decision makers

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Especially and relevant for them/you: the main theme of this edition is flooding precautions. And in it’s slipstream: smart water management. (Some previous newsletter published inventions could be listed again.)

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IIASA warns: losses from extreme floods in Europe could more than double by 2050

How do you protect your country or region against floods?

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EU floods cost $6,7 billion a year (2012) to $32,2 billion by 2050

Extreme European flooding could more than double by 2050

A report from the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA) warns that losses from extreme floods in Europe could more than double by 2050, because of climate change and socio-economic development. Read more


Products and ideas against Flooding (at your department's service)


F L O O D I N G  lurk around the corner. Your corner?

The Autumn is forthcoming in the Northern Hemisphere, and the now and then fierce Springtime is about to visit the Hemispherical Southerners. And besides our familiar planetary seasons, El Nino is nowadays raging once more.

BetterWorldSolutions started an anti-flooding campaign. We ask, re-distribute & connect measurements against flooding. This is what our inner- and wider communities came-up with so far:

Flexible protections

Not removable protections

If you contact one or more of these companies, please tell them you find them via BetterWorldSolutions.

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Fresh water management

Keeping the river or sea out ánd… 
at the same time: good housekeeping of fresh water reservoirs

Preventing (your) land from flooding is one thing, taking good care of existing freshwater reserves is a different story. However, there are overlaps.
Flooding for instance cause pollution. Or with the focus on preventing flooding, a governmental body could lack: time, attention and/or manpower on freshwater management.
Water is one of three sectors of BetterWorldSoutionseu. Direct and indirect partners came up with the following easy-to-operate, low-cost and smart freshwater maintenance.

If you contact one or more of these companies, please tell them you find them via BetterWorldSolutions.


Are you considering replacing your hardware? 

Take notice of the IWe-SNEW sustainable project and help the people in Bangladesh

  • SNEW buys and collects your 'old' hardware
  • iWe, sends it to Bangladesh, teaching young people computer technology and internet skills
Together they do an amazing job to improve the world. Watch this

Active intermediating for Nigeria

Internet entrepreneurs from Nigeria not always have a good name (phising, scamming etc). However, we believe in our Nigerian contact. He is looking for contacts and tenders concerning: solar street lights, wind and biomass systems and small hydro and solar home systems, in as well private as public sectors. Do you have a relevant business but are reluctant to communicate 1on1 on this basis?


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