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We've got a climate goal of 1.5 degrees

So how do we get there?


A new study by Stanford University / Energy Program, makes the case that the world could be fully powered by renewables as early as 2050, by detailing the necessary resources for each country. 

Energy Roadmaps for 139 countries
Researchers analyzed Energy Roadmaps for 139 countries and calculated how much energy they would need to meet demand for household electricity, industry, agriculture, transportation, heating and cooling.
  • They examined the best green energy sources and which ones made the most economic sense for each nation.
According tot their findings, solar, wind and hydro power could cover most of the energy demand in each country. Geothermal would also benefit a number of countries.



Stop fossils and nuclear from 2020

Presenting a timeline for full adoption of renewables, the Stanford study recommendations are:

  • 2020: stop building new coal, gas, biomass or nuclear plants
  • 2025: new cargo ships, trains and buses should be electrified
  • 2030: all cars and trucks should be electric powered
  • 2050: a green world with less than 10% greenhouse gas emissions comparing to 1990

A green world will reduce the danger posed by terrorism and lower the risk of outages by storm. And there are a lot more benefits. Read more

Let's give you some great examples of the new world

Future Windmill is a Ferris Wheel


Dutch WindWheel has released an architecture design for the wind turbine of the future: The Wind Wheel. 

Green design:
  • the windmill is 1745 meters high
  • the hole in the middle ensures renewable energy with water drops and an electric field
  • the building will generate solar and windpower
  • in the building is enough space for apartments and hotels
The ambition of Dutch WindWheel Corporation is contagious. They are convinced: This wind power ferris wheel, will be the green icon of the future. Read more
The Global Risks Report 2016

“We know climate change is exacerbating other risks such as migration and security, but these are by no means the only interconnections that are rapidly evolving to impact societies, often in unpredictable ways.

Mitigation measures against such risks are important, but adaptation is vital.”

Energy solutions companies introduce next generation smart meters 

Last year, companies like Itron, Elster and Sagemcom, introduced the next generation smart meters with 4G LTE. This OpenWay Smart Grid Solution, gives energy companies the option to deploy any combination of cellular and RF mesh communications, including 4G LTE, under the same network management system. 

The smart meter will save energy companies billions of dollars, because:
  • they are cheaper than the old ones
  • remote control is possible
  • they enable high speed
  • these high performances smart grid application delivers broad territory coverage
  • low latency

The power of your Pee

We have collected a few of the great advantages of your pee. Did you know, it can be recycled into bio-plastics, green electricity in refugee camps and so much more?
Read all about
The “pee-power” will be a big advantage for refugee camps. Most of the refugees don’t have any electricity: often there are no lights and that leads to unsafe situations.
Light will reduces the risk of abuse.
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