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Upcoming Holidays-Office Closures:
The Netherlands. Monday the 17th of April: Easter Monday, 
Thursday the 27th of April: King's day.
Spain. Friday the 14th of April: Good Friday,
Monday the 17th of April: Easter Monday. Monday the 1st of May.

Why do you need Whois Privacy?

WHOIS privacy
We all want our information to be private and protected. As the Internet continues to grow and more people access websites, the risks to personal information continue to grow. Although you may believe your site is too small to get any real attention, it may be only a matter of time before your inbox becomes flooded with unsolicited messages and threats.

Our presence at WorldHostingDays has been a success!
This week we will explain you all the details of the exclusive events that we organized at the Hotel Colloseo suite sponsored by our partners: Plesk, EURid (.eu), .nu/.se, Radix (.online, .store),, Comodo and PowerPanel.

Coming soon: .eco – show off your good side

.eco domain extension
.eco is the new domain extension for companies, institutions, NGOs and individuals committed to a positive change for the planet. Immediately recognised worldwide, it is a symbol of trust for those working towards a sustainable future.


Quarterly cost price review Memberships

Quarterly cost price review
One of our promises with our unique subscription based Membership model is that we forward any financial advantage, related to the included extensions, to our customers. Every quarter we re-investigate our cost prices and adjust them if necessary. For the second quarter of 2017 we will change prices for five of our extensions: .co, .de, .dk, .fr and .gal.

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Monthly overview of industry events

We have a lot of industry events scheduled in the coming months. Grab the opportunity to meet us at one of the following events and discuss how Openprovider can help you grow.

Active promotions for customers with an active Membership plan

If you have not yet activated your Membership Plan, this is the perfect time
to do so. Log in to the Openprovider control panel and activate it!.
Extension Promo price Valid until
.alsace € 15.15 04/16/2017
.vote, .voto $ 6.68 04/30/2017
.cat € 3.15 05/03/2017
.brussels, .vlaanderen € 4.15 05/31/2017
.earth, .lat $ 7.18 05/31/2017
.attorney, .dentist, .lawyer $ 10.18 06/30/2017
.bio, .green, .organic $ 10.13 06/30/2017
.blue, .info, .kim, .mobi, .pet, .pink, .promo, .red $ 2.13 06/30/2017
.consulting, .engineer, .social, .vet $ 8.18 06/30/2017
.live, .news, .reviews, .shop, .studio $ 6.18 06/30/2017
.pro $ 3.13 06/30/2017
.rocks $ 4.18 06/30/2017
.eu and .ею € 1.75 12/31/2017
.frl € 5.15 12/31/2017
.gdn $ 0.58 12/31/2017
.me € 5.00 12/31/2017
.онлайн ('online') € 10.15 12/31/2017
.top CNY 7.90 12/31/2017
.xyz $ 1.00 12/31/2017
.公司 (.xn--55qx5d, 'business organisation')
.网络 (.xn--io0a7i, 'network')
CNY 32 12/31/2017
The promotional prices are valid only for new 1-year registrations and do not apply to multi-year registrations, transfers and renewals.
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Latest updates on the new gTLDs

Announced changes in launch schedules:
  • .art: has decided to skip the Early Access Program. The start of the General Availability will thus be one week earlier, on the 10th of May 2017.
  • .restaurant and .gifts: unfortunately we have mixed up the prices for .restaurant and .gifts. We will fix this on the 18th of April 2017. The .restaurant Member price will increase from USD 20,18 to USD 33,18, the .gifts Member price will decrease from USD 33,18 to USD 20,18. Tier prices will be swapped as well.
  • .рус: has announced a price increase as from the 25th of September 2017. The new Member price will be USD 8,18 (instead of USD 7,98). Tier prices remain unchanged.
  • .コム (.com in Japanese): has extended its Trademark Claims Notification period to the 31st of December 2017 (instead of the 10th of March 2017).
General Availabilities:
  • 12 April: .baby
  • 24 April: .realty and .observer
  • 25 April: .eco
Early Access Programs:

All Donuts and Rightside General Availability have an Early Access Program (EAP) of 7 days. The EAP helps registrants immediately secure the domain names they’ve always wanted. Likewise, brand owners have an opportunity to obtain non-trademark domain names to help promote and protect brands, or register terms that dominate a market or industry.

  • 17 April: .realty and .observer
  • 18 April: .eco

More information about the EAP and why you should use it can be found in the blog.

Do you want to register your domains at cost price from now on?
Check the Membership Plans pages in your Openprovider control panel!

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