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In this Newsletter we would be sharing with you some of the things that we've been working on on our Control Panel. We would also be updating you on the prices, promos, launches and events.

As a reminder, our offices would be closed on the following dates:
May 5 (Rotterdam) and May 16 (Rotterdam and Barcelona).

Quarterly cost price review Memberships

One of our promises with our unique subscription based membership model is that we forward any financial advantage related to the included extensions, to our customers. Not partly, but completely. Every quarter we re-investigate our cost prices and adjust them if necessary.

Tired of not knowing the status of your SSL certificate validation? We have the solution!

One of the main concerns that you have told us is about the speed of the status of validation of SSL certificates. To resolve this, we have developed a control panel tool where the user can view the current status of their SSL certificates, can see a detailed progress monitoring, and inform their customer of all the steps in validation.

Get your SSL Certificates faster with Openprovider in-house validation

Now, in Openprovider, we do a pre-validation of the requested certificate before we send it to the Certificate Authority. At this moment this service is only available for OV and EV certificates for Dutch companies with .nl domains and new gTLD but it will be extended to the rest of the countries and domains.
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New blog post:
The 10 best tips & tricks (take 2)

Running a platform like Openprovider's always creates tension between ever­extending functionality and maintaining usability. There are many features that we know about but that are rarely found by our customers. After writing down 10 tips and tricks in a previous blog post, I found that there are many more. Enjoy take 2 of the tips & tricks!


Bulk operations made simple

Managing a lot of domains is what Openprovider has been designed for. We have recently introduced tools for bulk operations: transfer or update many of your domain names at once, without the need to implement our API.

Annotating screens & creating feedback were never easier

In order to keep improving our control panel, we have integrated the Usersnap feedback widget in the control panel. Do you see anything that could be better, do you see any bug? Do not hesitate to use the widget!
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Monthly overview of industry events

We have a lot of industry events scheduled in the coming months. Grab the opportunity to meet us at one of the following events and discuss how Openprovider can help you grow.

Overview of active promotions

Extension Valid until Promo price
Flat Fee
Promo price
tiered pricing
.website 6/30/2016 $ 3,18 $ 3,99
.site 6/30/2016 $ 1,18 $ 1,99
.space 6/30/2016 $ 3,18 $ 3,99
.tech 6/30/2016 $ 20,18 $ 21,99
.online 6/30/2016 $ 7,18 $ 7,99
.club 6/30/2016 $ 2,98 $ 3,99
.men 12/31/2016 $ 3,17 $ 3,99
.cloud 12/31/2016 $ 5,13 $ 8,99

The promotional prices are valid only for new 1-year registrations and do not apply to multi-year registrations, transfers and renewals.
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Latest updates on the new gTLDs

Announcements and updates regarding new gTLDs:

  • .vip: the registry has moved the General Availability (GA) one week ahead. The GA will now start at the 17th instead of the 23rd of May; the trademark claims period will end on the 15th instead of the 21st of August. Furthermore, the price for GA has been reduced in all tiers; member pricing has been reduced from $20.18 to $10.18.
  • .motorcycles: the registry has moved all phases. Sunrise will start on the 9th of May (instead of the 6th of April) and end on the 8th of July (instead of the 5th of June). The General Availability will start on the 14th of July (instead of the 9th of June). The end of the trademark claims period moves to the 12th of October (instead of the 4th of September).
  • .bet: the trademark claims period will run until the 7th of July (instead of the 1st of June).
  • .game: the registry has announced the re-launch of the .game extension. A new "extended Sunrise" is scheduled from the 3rd until the 16th of May (contact us if you are a trademark holder). The Early Access Period will run from the 17th until the 24th of May. The General Availability will start at the 24th of May.


  • 9 May: .insurance and .motorcycles
  • 16 May: .닷넷 and .닷컴 (.com and .net in Korean)
  • 1 June: .moi ('me' in French)


  • 16 May: .コム ('.net' in Japanese)
  • 17 May: .promo

General Availabilities:

  • 10 May: .ist and .istanbul
  • 12 May: .homes
  • 17 May: .vip
  • 23 May: .promo
  • 24 May: .рус ('rus' in Cyrillic)

Early Access Program:

Some registries start their General Availability with a so-called Early Access Program (EAP). The EAP helps registrants immediately secure the domain names they’ve always wanted. Likewise, brand owners have an opportunity to obtain non-trademark domain names to help promote and protect brands, or register terms that dominate a market or industry.

  • 1 June: .group and .salon

More information about the EAP and why you should use it can be found in the blog.

Do you want to register your domains at cost price from now on?
Check the Membership Plans pages in your Openprovider control panel!

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