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Happy Holidays from Movin’ & Lubin’!

This has been an eventful year – to say the least - at Movin’ & Lubin’.

We’ve added new team members, continuing to grow our “People” culture of puttingrelationships at the forefront of everything we do. We hope that you, our customer, recognize how importantly we view our mutual relationship. We want you to feel like a “Friend” every time you walk through our doors.

Our biggest development in 2014 was opening a New Berlin location. It’s a leap of faith taken only because of the amazing, wonderful support our customers have given Movin’ & Lubin’ all these years. We couldn’t (and wouldn’t) have done it without you. Our gratefulness is unbounded and complete.

Our gift to you

Print off this e-mail, or display it on your phone at either of our two locations, and we’ll give you $10 off any service through Dec. 31. Tell your friends that, when you’re a Movin’ & Lubin’ customer, it pays to read!

As the cold descends on your vehicle …

Winter is hard on people and vehicles alike. Just as you might have trouble “getting going” some cold mornings, your car or truck will have the same problem if its initial energy source – the battery – is run down.

This video on our web site examines how battery strength is measured, and things to keep in mind if you’re buying a new one. What do those different numbers mean, anyhow? And, does size really matter?

If you’re unsure whether your battery is ready for winter, we’re glad to test it; e-mail to arrange a quick visit.

MAL featured in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel!

Did you miss it? We got some front-page attention in a feature story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. You can read the article here.

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