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To warm up, or not?

We always hear a certain question this time of year: To warm up, or not to warm up?

The inquiry, of course, is about the value (or lack) of allowing a vehicle to run for several minutes in cold weather before driving. Misconceptions abound, as this blog post from Car Talk demonstrates.

Just like you wouldn’t get out of bed and immediately start sprinting, running a vehicle in “Park” for a short period doesn’t hurt. In cold weather, especially, it can help engine oil warm up and circulate. Idle for longer than a minute, though, and you’re soon wasting fuel.

Here’s another important point: Don’t punch the gas and pull a Mario Andretti out of the driveway. Take it easy driving the first few miles. Allow your vehicle to warm up, similar to you stretching before launching into that run. It you “pull a muscle” in your car, you’ll feel it all the way to your wallet.


Hiring Referral Program

Refer a name and method of contact. This person will be assigned to your name as a referral. If they are hired and employed for 1 month, we give you $300.

Movin’ and Lubin’ is gearing up for expansion. We realize that our ability to expand and open additional locations will heavily be determined by our ability to attract the right talent. We have a unique niche position in the automotive market with fleet customers specializing in medium and light duty. We have a Vision to expand becoming the greatest fleet service provider.

We are asking for help in finding people currently employed in the industry that may be looking for a new opportunity. Do you know someone who does not seem to have fun at work? Someone whose talents and skills are undervalued and unappreciated? Are they top performers but have nowhere to grow?

We are growing and you can help. Movin’ and Lubin’ LLC. is looking to add a full-time Top performer too our team, those who already demonstrate the ability to produce at high levels. Mechanic, manager, sales, service writer, shop assistant…

Please reply with any potential persons we may contact by: 
- Calling Jared at (262) 893-5523
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