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Movin' & Lubin'

Milwaukee's First Mobile Auto Service and Repair Center


Are You Running Clean?


You’re used to putting fuel into your vehicle. Did you know that fuel often contains dirt and grit, which can seriously harm your engine?

Even small amounts of these contaminants can cause major damage. All that stands between you, and potentially thousands of dollars in repair costs, is a fuel filter. Check out our video to learn more about the vital role of a fuel filter in your engine’s health.

Core Value of the Week: Empower People


We teach people to get “As.” Skills can be learned; attitudes must come first. Coaching, not “managing,” empowers people to solve problems independently. Enforce the positive behavior, redirect the wrong behavior.  We train by focusing on what people are doing right.  We do things our way; we forget about the “norm,” and build plans around how we want them and always focus on results, the facts. 

How does this work? The photo below shows Cam, one of our team members, teaching everyone how service notes are added to work orders at Movin’ & Lubin’. 

In many auto service companies, only managers add service notes to work orders. We want everyone at Movin’ & Lubin’ to be involved in the process. By empowering our entire team to have bigger roles, we’ll have more and better information to share with you, our customer.

This isn’t an overnight change. But we’re excited, and confident, about where we’re headed. We thank you for joining us on the journey.

Hiring Referral Program


We are asking for help in finding people currently employed in the industry that may be looking for a new opportunity.  Do you know someone who does not seem to have fun at work? Someone whose talents and skills are undervalued and unappreciated? Are they top performers but have nowhere to grow?

Refer a name and method of contact.  This person will be assigned to your name as a referral. If they are hired and employed for 1 month, we give you up to $300 depending on qualifications.


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