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Movin' & Lubin'

Milwaukee's First Mobile Auto Service and Repair Center


No comments please, we already know we take bad pictures!

Movin’ & Lubin’ is excited. No, we’re really excited. Big things are happening. We wanted to share them with you.

See the photo above? We recently signed a lease to open our second location. It’s in New Berlin - check out the maps below to see exactly where.

We’re thrilled at the opportunity to bring our services closer to so many of our customers. We’ll be opening the new spot in mid-July. We’ll tell you an exact date as soon as we know.

Secondly, did you ever have an epiphany of sorts, that it was time to formalize what you’ve been doing all along? You, our customers, and our employees have always been top priority at Movin’ & Lubin’. No question there – not now, not ever.

Well, after more than a decade in operation, we’re putting into place a structured company culture built around those most important to Movin’ & Lubin’. We’ll call it a “People Business Model.” Here is its principle, in a nutshell: “People first; profits are the applause for doing a great job with people.”

Simple, true and everlasting. Good things happen when you focus on the people most important. We thank you for helping us reach this point. The future will only get better.

Mobin' & Lubin', LLC
Milwaukee - 1595 S. 38th St, Milwaukee, WI 53215
New Berlin - 2350 S. Commerce Dr, New Berlin, WI 53151
phone: (414) 482-0796
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