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How To Keep Your Vehicle Running...
On The Cheap!


Making a vehicle last isn’t always about spending money. In fact, most of the keys to a long-lived car or truck don’t cost a nickel!

Sure, ongoing maintenance (and investment) is necessary. But the real trick is treating your vehicle right: Drive smoothly. Allow a short engine warm-up. Avoid sudden starts and stops.

Doesn’t seem that complicated, right? Here’s a “Top 5” list for keeping your vehicle “healthy”:

  1. Follow your vehicle’s service schedule
  2. Check fluids and tire pressure regularly
  3. Go easy during start-up
  4. Listen for odd noises
  5. Drive calmly

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It’s All About Relationships

One overriding element governs almost everything we do in life: relationships.

At Movin’ and Lubin’, we believe that sharing information (like the articles above) with customers is more than good business. It’s about strong relationships.

We’re serious about our “Relationship” model to providing service – so much, in fact, that we identified several core values around which we build those relationships:

  1. Effective Communication
  2. Belief in People
  3. 100% Responsibility
  4. Empower People
  5. Show Appreciation

These aren’t just words. These values guide everything we do when interacting with you, our customer.

E-mail, with “More Info” in the subject line, if you’d like to learn more about our “Relationship” approach.

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