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In Some Places, They Call This “Easy Money …”

We just opened our New Berlin service center last year. Still, Movin’ and Lubin’ plans to keep growing.

We can’t do it without good people, finding the right People is key to our Growth. Here’s where you come in – ready to make some extra money?

Refer us a smart, motivated auto service professional to join our team. If we hire them, you’ll get $300 after their first month of employment. That’s it – straight up, with no fine print.

Click here to learn more about our Employee Referral Program. Even better, help us hire a good person and you’ll be richer for the experience!


Those Few Extra Pounds DO Make a Difference

During the Wisconsin winter, it makes sense to carry a few extra items in your vehicle: a hat and gloves, snow shovel, bag of cat litter … all as precautions in case you get stuck in a really cold, bad place

You probably remove them as spring arrives. Rather than replace those items with something else, why not just add and remove things from your vehicle as needed?

You might notice the difference in your pocketbook. The more your vehicle weighs, the more gas it burns. Keep less stuff there, and you’ll save money on fuel.

A vehicle with less clutter is cleaner and more pleasant to drive, too.

You might have had some things in your vehicle for so long, you don’t even recognize they’re unnecessary. This article from our web site might open your eyes.

Carry less junk in your vehicle, save fuel, and have more money to buy things that are necessary. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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