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Your vehicle feels the cold, too …

If the bitterly cold weather we’ve experienced makes your body feel creaky, think of how it affects something actually made of metal … your vehicle.

A properly-maintained car, truck or van can cruise through a Wisconsin winter. Just like for humans, though, the journey isn’t necessarily pleasant. A bit of extra TLC for your vehicle in the frigid depths of winter doesn’t hurt.

This slideshow from offers 10 helpful winter car maintenance tips. Some you probably already know; a few, maybe not. We especially like the one about waxing lights (it was new to us, too).


Happy New Year from Movin’ & Lubin’!

Last year was eventful for all of us at Movin’ & Lubin’. We’re already excited about 2015, with plans to add new services, more locations and keep tooling up our “People Company” culture and values.

What does this mean for you? Every time you interact with Movin’ & Lubin’, you’ll know that our relationship takes priority over everything. We focus on creating and sustaining mutually-beneficial relationships above all else. It’s how we plan to keep carving out space as an industry leader in the commercial fleet service market.

If you have questions, or would like to have a vehicle checked for its “winter worthiness,” just e-mail

You can always find more information about keeping your vehicle (and you) prepared for any season at

Hiring Referral Program

Refer a name and method of contact.  This person will be assigned to your name as a referral. If they are hired and employed for 1 month, we give you $300.  

We are growing and you can help.  Movin’ and Lubin’ LLC. is looking to add a full-time Top performer too our team, those who already demonstrate the ability to produce at high levels.  Mechanic, manager, sales, service writer, shop assistant… 

Please reply with any potential persons we may contact by: 
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