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Please, Help Us Help GMS Fight Hunger


Personal side note. As we assist in the collection of donations, taking a moment to reflect can be a healthy mental break from the busy day. It occurred to us, not too many people we know have truly experienced the pain of real hunger, starvation. The thought of waking up not knowing where the next meal is coming inspired us to take more action in collecting donation.

A few corrections from the first email we rushed to get out. Movin’ and Lubin’ has joined with Grounds Maintenance Services (GMS) and 10 other local businesses to fill the GMS dump truck with food and then deliver to the New Berlin Food Pantry, which serves more than 100 families every month. Through Nov. 15, we’re collecting non-perishable food, laundry soap, cleaning supplies, diapers and personal hygiene items.

We ask everyone to drop off at least 1 item. If you’d like to help, Movin’ and Lubin’ will make it easy. You can drop off donations at our New Berlin location, 2350 S. Commerce Drive. Or, just call us at (262) 289-9392 and we’ll deliver a red donation bag to your doorstep. Fill it up, call us again, and we’ll pick up your donation.

As Thanksgiving nears, let’s show our thanks by helping our neighbors in need!


Wear and Tear Happens - “Fix or Keep your vehicle?”

Maintaining a vehicle well is just common sense. If you keep a car or truck long enough, though, parts will break down. It’s inevitable.

In almost all cases, it’s cheaper to fix your car than replace it. The decision isn’t the same for everyone. Many factors play in. This article can help you weigh the competing elements.

Want to know more about the not-so-secret truths of making your vehicle last? Check out this video on our web site.

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