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Don’t Divorce Your Vehicle!


Are you and your vehicle headed for an early breakup? Say it isn’t so! A properly-maintained vehicle can last 200,000 miles, easily. Investing a few hundred dollars per year in service can save you thousands for a new car or truck. Sure, regular oil changes are critical to a vehicle’s longevity. But the list of “to-dos” is much lengthier. All are important to a healthy relationship between you and your vehicle. Learn more in our video titled “Make Your Vehicle Last.” Don’t get an early divorce from your car or truck. We want the two of you to be together as long as possible.

Can You Hear Me Now?


A couple weeks ago, our e-mail newsletter touched on creating a new “People Business Model” at Movin’ & Lubin’. Essentially, we’re focusing every aspect of our operations on the human element of our business: you, our incredibly-valued customers, and the employees with whom you entrust your vehicles. This might all sound a bit high falutin’. It’s really not. The principle is built around a series of “core values” that guide how things get done. Here’s where we start explaining these values, one at a time.

Core Value of the Week: Effective Communication


We engage positive thinking in all communications. We are positively proactive in communications, focusing on desired outcomes versus dwelling on what is done, and can’t be changed. We believe in resolution over compromise – make people happy to do what you need, instead of winning the argument and leaving them no choice. Listening and thinking are critical before responding. Communication is largely the response you get; if you didn’t get what you want, you phrased it poorly. Most disagreements are due to poor communication. Good communication resolves nearly every issue

Of course, every now and then our Movin’ & Lubin’ team goes off the rails a bit. The photo below is from a day when everyone seemed to forget about “Effective Communication.”

Easy to say. Probably harder to practice. Yet we do – and Will, one of our employees, is $200 richer for submitting a photo showing how he put this core value into action.

We’re working hard to build a company where people are valued above all. It won’t happen overnight. Yet we appreciate the chance to share this “big idea” about where Movin’ & Lubin’ is headed. We welcome your feedback.

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