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Tell Us the Truth! (we can handle it)

All of us at Movin’ & Lubin’ are building a whole different company culture, one that emphasizes people and communication. Relationships are our top priority, especially with customers. We want this focus to set us apart from competitors.

We’ve declared February to be “Relationship Month.” We want to learn how to communicate better with you, the customer. We’ll be calling with a few questions. Please be 100 percent honest. We can handle the truth!

Here’s what we want to know:

  1. What does Movin’ & Lubin’ do well?
  2. How could Movin’ & Lubin' improve?
  3. What service(s) does Movin’ & Lubin’ not offer that you need?
  4. What does our competition do better?

Your feedback will help us improve. Don’t hold back; you won’t hurt our feelings!


A Special “Relationship Month” Offer

Come into Movin’ & Lubin’ this month for any service. If you schedule another appointment before you leave, we’ll give you a $25 certificate toward that future service.

Pretty darn simple. Who said relationships have to be difficult?


Put Up Your Gloves!

Normally our owner, Jared Bell, is a pretty nice guy. You might get the wrong impression, though, from the new issue of Milwaukee BizTimes.

Jared is profiled in “The Good Life” column for his hobby of Muay Thai kickboxing. He’s studied the mixed martial arts form for several years. Based on his photo in the magazine, he appears ready to go a few rounds with the photographer.

You can read the article here. And don’t worry: Jared has never tried a scissor kick on anyone at Movin’ & Lubin’. We feel sorry for his opponents in the ring, though.


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