I have been trying to organize a Masterclass or two for you guys AND for the new top donors this week.  But I'm in the mountains in a hotel that has very slow wifi, and no possibility of good enough speed for a video conference call.  I tried asking if we could upgrade with some sort of purchase, but the lady at the front desk told me that I would have to buy a local sim card and tether off of that.  We would absolutely do that, but the signal out here is not very reliable either!  

I'm so sorry guys...when I booked this hotel for us for this week I had no idea that it was this remote and that the internet would be an issue up here.  Although I'm happy to have the "vacation," please know that I miss you all very much and want to make myself available for our wonderful classes, which have been a big blessing to me.

The next opportunity I might have is next week when I'm supposed to be in Switzerland for a couple of days.  I will do my best to find a hotel with more reliable wifi (although that is hard to know beforehand.) And then if that doesn't work out, Steven and I do plan to head back to Munich for a few days before my next engagement to sing a benefit concert in London.  

I know this is a lot of info!!  Just letting you know that I am NOT giving up on our classes and that I will do my very best to organize the next one as soon as the internet gods are working in our favor.

IN THE MEAN TIME I AM REFUNDING ALL NEW TOP DONOR DONATIONS until we can get the next class scheduled!!!  I will still list all those people as Top Donors, and they'll still have the status in my files, since there are only a few.  But until the next class is solidified, please keep your money, and later you can make your donations again.  OK?

Love you guys so very much!!
Lisette and Steven
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