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Analyzing student work in math

In this virtual learning module, you’ll learn an easy-to-follow protocol to help you and your team analyze your students’ work in math and leverage insights to improve instruction. Recommended for leaders and teachers looking to strengthen the way they analyze data.
See into your students' thinking

Deepening understanding of the number system

This 8 minute video provides an overview of 6th and 7th grade standards in the Number System domain, examples of instructional tasks to use, and discussion of strong instructional practice aligned to standards.
Help students understand the concepts

Text dependent questions

This module will show you how to select and generate text-driven, standards-aligned questions that bring complex texts to life at your school. 
Challenge your students' thinking

Qualitative text complexity

This screencast paired with this teacher video will help you develop an understanding of each dimension of qualitative text complexity. You'll know how to use analysis of qualitative text complexities for planning!
Build your knowledge
See a teacher's perspective
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