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Issue 16 | Feb 21, 2019
A whole month has gone by? Wow. I've been pretty covered up in new projects (YAY!) and loving my famiy and keeping up with my hobbies.

Speaking of hobbies ...

I volunteer my time as Communications Chair for PFLAG Spartanburg. We've got something we're putting together and we really need your help to make a difference for thousands of kids in the Upstate. Check out more info on our flagship fundraising event for the Upstate's LGBTQ Outreach Center here.

Now, where were we? Oh yes ...

Exiting Social Media

You may have read my post on why I am slowly saying good-bye to social media. First, it was just going to be Facebook. Now I'm kind of re-evaluating my entire presence online thanks to this article. The author launched their business just before I did and grew their following to an enormous 60,000 followers! So why leave all of that behind? Simple. It isn't real and it doesn't gain you a damn thing. All it really does is train us to create content for the algorithms and become mindless people-pleasers in the spirit of collecting a following and selling our brand.

"I personally believe that humans aren’t built to have relationships with thousands of people. We can care for a core group of friends and family, and beyond that our interactions will be short and shallow ..."

Small businesses, especially, need to make real connections. Jay Baer reported that "92% of global consumers trust UGC (user-generated content) and WOM (word of mouth) more than advertising."

Pew Research Center reported that most people would take a real-life recommendation over one on social media.

Apple's Bad Design Practices

This article basically goes on ranting about how bad the paralax trend is (guilty) and how Apple pretty much started it all and continues to make UX suck for the rest of us. In this older piece from 2012 the author goes on about skeuomorphism and how Windows 8 was a huge step up in minimalist user experience.

I never connected with the iPhone UX. The interface and the tangible product never felt like part of the same product. It was like 1999 web design living inside a futuristic facade. Creepy and wrong. By the by ... Love Windows 10 more than I ever loved the Mac OS. Sorry, sorry, sorry ... psych.

As promised ... sexy accounting talk.

So, I've been a Freshbooks customer since about 2009 and I am one of their affiliates. They've released a ton of industry-standard double-entry functions to help you structure your financial information in an industry-standard format so that sharing that info with your accountant will be super easy. Check it out.

Brand Design

Effective logo and brand design focused on research, not templates.

Website Design

Beautifully functional website design focused on user experience.


I believe in walking alongside my clients, not just selling to them.

Marketing Tip:
Get to know your customers.

How well do you know your "target audience"? I'll bet you know how old they are, how much money they make or where they live.

Congratulations. You've managed to define a wide range of people who might think about buying what you're selling if you manage to target them with your online marketing noise.

How does any of this allow you to connect with them? If you aren't connecting, then are you really communicating with them as effectively as you could be?

What are customer avatars? How do you use them to refine your messaging? Will they really make you a better human?

Find out by downloading my Customer Avatar Workbook. It's only for my email subscribers and I've heard it's pretty useful as far as these things go.
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