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Love it or hate it, we’re at the sticky end of summer. 
If you’re struggling with cooking on these hot nights, “fridge fixings’ may be the answer. Kiwi cook Annabel Langbein coined this phrase for dishes you can cook ahead, to help create quick meals on days like these or when you’re in a hurry. These standbys certainly help put food on the table when the heat and humidity is too high to turn the stove on. Do you have any favourite fixings in your fridge?

Rethinking carbs 

Almost all the fridge fixings are plant-based, which helps me keep on track with the “forty food challenge”. A happy gut is central to a healthy body. But in an era of carb phobia, some people are avoiding these fibre-rich foods. 

New research has confirmed what naturopaths have known all along. These complex carbohydrates are often packed with fibre, which does so much more than keeping our bowels regular. The type of fibre found in these plant foods can protect us from many potential lifestyle diseases. But the studies also show most people aren’t eating anywhere near enough fibre to get this kind of protection. Are low carb and paleo diets compounding this?

Before you throw all carbs out of your diet, read my take on the research.

What’s in season?

It’s twelve months since I began a regular feature on seasonal produce. With the cycle complete, I’ve compiled a month by month guide to the fruits and vegetables in season in the eastern states.

Explore the seasonal food guide and see what's in season in February.

Fires and floods

February has bought bushfires and floods to many parts of Australia and New Zealand), and my thoughts are with those impacted by these extreme weather events.

It’s also the tenth anniversary of the horrendous Black Saturday fires. My heart goes out to all those who lost friends, family, pets and property, as well as the thousands of the volunteers who were at the frontline and part of the recovery programs. With such high emotion around this event, it’s not unusual to feel triggered by past, even unrelated, traumas. If this is affecting you, there are some great tips in an article about trauma and survivor guilt that I wrote at the time.

Clinic update

Summer colds are doing the rounds, which is a good reminder to thoroughly wash your hands more frequently and take good care of your immune system
With a return to normal routines after school holidays, if stress levels are rising and are you’re not feeling your best, it's an appropriate time to check in with a consultation.
I hope you have a great month.
In good health,

Business mentoring & professional supervision

Would you like to grow or reshape a business you love or improve your clinical skills? For over twenty years, Gill has helped naturopaths and other health professionals blossom in both business and clinical expertise. 

Just as naturopathy is based on treating the individual, your business and professional supervision needs are also unique. Gill draws on over a quarter of a century of successful clinic ownership and naturopathic practice to help you find your authentic clinical and business style.

You can work with Gill from anywhere in the world via FaceTime or Skype, or in person in Sydney’s Inner West..

Book now - to grow a business you love.

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About Gill Stannard naturopath

Gill Stannard is a naturopath and mentor with over 27 years’ experience helping people, like you, feel better.

With a common-sense approach to helping you reconnect with your body, you’ll be amazed at how feeling well will change your life.

"I believe our body communicates with us through symptoms. My role is to help you learn how to listen and respond to what your body needs."

Gill can support you though both simple or complex conditions, a new diagnosis or provide a holistic health check-up. She is a ‘general practice’ style naturopath, with a special interest in menopause and cancer recovery

An initial naturopathic consultation begins with a Wellbeing Plan, a snapshot of where your health is right now, followed by a comprehensive and easy to follow plan to help make you feel better.

Gill offers consultations in person in Sydney or by Skype/Facetime from the convenience of your home or office.

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