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How is the ‘new normal’ going?
Over this past month I’ve observed our grief response to this extraordinary time. So many of us have moved in and out of denial, bargaining, anger and sadness. In the classic five stages of grief, the destination is arriving at some kind of acceptance about the situation.
Acceptance doesn’t mean you have to like it, that you don’t have days when you cry or feel overwhelmed. There have been so many disappointments – long anticipated celebrations, holidays and anniversaries cancelled, being unable to see or hug loved ones. It’s tough!
To me, acceptance is complying with physical distancing and playing by the rules. It’s washing my hands as soon as I return from a walk or a quick shopping trip. And washing them again after unpacking the groceries or receiving a delivery.
Acceptance can also bring relief from struggle. When my mind is not consumed by fear, anxiety or sadness, there’s space for creativity, kindness and connection. We are in the midst of history being made, and there are opportunities for change, both personal and global, when we come out the other side of it. 
For now, we’re putting one step after the other, taking each day as it comes. New routines are evolving and, to be honest, I’ve probably not walked so diligently or danced with such regularity for a long time. On and off line, I’m possibly more connected with others than ever.


The Rona resources

From National Theatre live recordings to 80’s exercise classes, thanks to the amazing generosity of individuals and organisations we have more opportunities to learn, get fit or be entertained than ever.
Take a look at some of the things I love to do with my spare time at the moment. Feel free to comment with your Rona finds.


A little bit of honey

Want to make the easiest, no hassle ferment? I’ve recently begun experimenting with honey ferments. The ‘recipe’ is so easy, simply chop up some fruit (I started with nectarines), put them in a clean, airtight jar and pour over some runny honey. Don’t fill the jar completely as the fruit will release its juices. Screw on the lid and leave in a spot in your kitchen away from direct sunlight but a place you’ll remember to tend it. Every day release the lid for a moment (aka ‘burping’). With the lid firmly on, tip it upside down a few times. It will start to bubble or froth a bit after a couple of days, as a sign it’s fermenting. After a week you can start using the fruity nectar. It tastes great on porridge.

For something even more medicinal, try peeled cloves of garlic instead of fruit and use in savoury dishes (not recommended on porridge!) When I burp my garlic honey ferment, it fills the kitchen with the smell of the herb. 


Weekday Facebook Live

Since 13 March 13th I’ve been going Live every weekday at 1pm on the clinic’s
Facebook page. These short chats are a way of checking in with you at lunchtime, staying connected and offering support. I’ve covered a lot of subjects –  it’s candid and imperfect but I love seeing messages from old clients and friends who stop by to say hello.

The collection of videos is archived on my YouTube channel if you’re not on Facebook or can’t make the Live.

If you’ve got any subjects you’d like me to touch on, just drop me a line.

Business as usual

I’ve done most of my naturopathic and mentoring work online for the last six years, so I’ve not had to make the agonising decision to close a clinic or physically move a dispensary. Having done that twice before, I know how exhausting this can be. 
Over the past few weeks I’ve been running regular small group sessions with  practitioner’s I’m mentoring.  If you’re a practitioner struggling with changes and uncertainty and need some help to navigate this, please email to find out more.

Staying well

Just because we’re living through a pandemic, it doesn’t mean our ongoing health issues magically disappear. In fact, stress often worsens these problems. Also living with some chronic conditions can make us more vulnerable to succumbing to this virus.  
This autumn we need to work just a little bit harder on our healthy habits. If you’re struggling with a pre-existing disease or finding it challenging to create a healthful lifestyle, as always, I’m here to help. Just book online and we will have a video consultation as usual.

Hope to see you online soon,

Business mentoring & professional supervision


Grow a heart-centred business

Are you struggling to be a client-centred naturopath in an era of disease-focused training, testing and treatment?

Would you like to expand or reshape your business in alignment with your values?  Do you struggle to combine the art, along with the science, of naturopathy in your patient management? For over twenty years, I have helped naturopaths and other health professionals blossom in both business and clinical expertise. 

Just as naturopathy is based on treating the individual, your business and professional supervision needs are also unique. I draw on almost three decades of successful clinic ownership and naturopathic practice, to help you find your authentic clinical and business style.

You can work with me from anywhere in the world via FaceTime or Skype, or in person in Sydney’s Inner West.

Book now - to grow a business you love.

About Gill Stannard naturopath

I'm a naturopath and mentor with almost thirty years’ experience helping people, like you, feel better.

With a common-sense approach to helping you reconnect with your body, you’ll be amazed at how feeling well will change your life.

"I believe our body communicates with us through symptoms. My role is to help you learn how to listen and respond to what your body needs."

I can support you though both simple or complex health issues, a new diagnosis or provide a holistic health check-up. My ‘general practice’ approach includes working with all ages and life stages. I also have a special interest in menopause and cancer recovery.

Learn more about how I work and what makes my naturopathic approach unique.

Consultations are available in person in Sydney, or by Skype/Facetime/Zoom from the convenience of your home or office. Online liquid herbal prescribing, in conjunction with consultations within Australia, is now available.

Book your naturopathic consultations online now.

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