Space to Grow: Greening Chicago's Schoolyards
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Space to Grow: Greening Chicago’s Schoolyards

This month, Space to Grow schoolyards will officially open at four Chicago elementary schools after more than a year of planning and construction. Space to Grow, which is co-managed by Healthy Schools Campaign and Openlands, transforms outdated schoolyards into vibrant green spaces that benefit students, community members and the environment. The schoolyards include spaces for learning and play, and are uniquely designed to absorb large amounts of water, reducing neighborhood flooding. Capital funding for Space to Grow is provided by the Chicago Public Schools, The City of Chicago Department of Water Management and the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.

Igniting Imaginations, Fueling Play: Schmid’s New Schoolyard

Schmid Elementary’s new schoolyard makes the entire campus a learning place. Its unique water management features and expanded play areas ensure that its impact matters across all grades -- and across the community, too. Read more.

A New Frontier for Grissom’s Outdoor Learning and Play

Grissom Elementary is always reaching for the stars, and its new schoolyard is one more way to keep expanding students’ horizons. Raised gardens provide hands-on learning and an outdoor classroom sets the stage for outdoor Shakespeare. Read more.

A New Schoolyard Means Big Transformation for Local Community

At Morrill Elementary, new schoolyard features provide more space for sports and science while also giving community members the chance to connect with each other. Read more.

Growing a Love of Gardens and Green Spaces

At Leland Elementary, the new schoolyard means more nature, more of the time. Plus, nutrition education lessons will spring from the fruits of students’ own gardening. Read more.

It Takes a Village to Plant a Schoolyard

With construction nearing completion at our four pilot schools, we reached out to organizations that truly believe healthier schools are critical for our kids’ futures. Here’s how one company stepped up. Read more.


Space to Grow Brings Partners Together for Greener Schools and Communities

Space to Grow brings diverse partners together to organize and fund these exciting new schoolyards. Find out how this unique partnership is benefitting communities across Chicago. Read more.

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