Learning the Art of Celebration... One day at a time.
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Let's Celebrate!

This month has been an amazing one. I'm looking back trying to figure out what to update you on and a theme is arising. Joy. and the other fruits of the spirit too but mostly Joy. God has been showing me how important it is to do everything with it, even if its our least favorite thing or something we've done a million times.

He's been showing me that if I don't have the joy then there is a really simple way to get it... ASK HIM for it! Guess what?! He gives it freely.

We recently had a staff "FUN DAY" out at the training center where everyone got disgusting... not my scene. BUT... I just asked God on my way out to the TC for joy and the ability to just have fun no matter how foolish I might look because all these people here love me. He did. I had a Blast! Our team won. No big deal...

There have been many late night worship sessions where we just spend hours praising the ONE who makes us happy and everyone goes to bed in the wee hours with such peace and wakes up with the goofiest grins! Its great!

Watch this video from Rend Collective Experiment and let it spark something in you. Start pursuing Joy!

Communicating Joy

     As part of my responsibilities here while volunteering I am working with the communications department.
    This summer my job is to capture images of all the things we do locally; things we do for fun, and the fun things we do in ministry.
     I am also working on putting together our bi-annual yearbook that gives supporters and potential students a quick glimpse of what YWAM Madison is all about!

Community Renewal Garden

Here at YWAM Madison we are working on a HUGE Garden that will help us facilitate relationship building within our community as well as feed our students, staff and the homeless in the city.  Not only will this garden be used for its produce but it is the start of a community development initiative starting at our base that will be using it for training and a model for discipleship.

Church on the Mountain

This past Sunday we took church to the lake celebrating God's creation in the sun and rain, in the lake and on the mountain! Our Dad is so amazing!

Continue to pray for direction for me as new doors are opening as others close.

Pray for provision and support as God is takes me on this Grand Adventure!

Pray for more Joy! Although I've got lots now we can always use another helping!

If you would like to join my monthly support team please email me at and I'll get you the information that you need!
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