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Secret Message Generator #10: CLOUDBOUND is TOMORROW! Where I'll be this month | Lightspeed | Online Fran Finder

Status update ..
  • Last Monday I turned in the third book in the Bone Universe to my editor at Tor - Holy cow, I can't believe this is the start of the end! I feel happy and sad and probably that's a little bit because I need to sleep, but I'm really excited to get this book in your hands next year. The third book is tentatively titled (newsletter-only info) HORIZON. I don't know if the title will stick, but I like it for now!
  • The rest of my status is basically eeeeeeeek CLOUDBOUND and will probably remain that way for a while - I've got updates on events below - posted with hopes I get to see you - wave at me online too!
  • My Shimmer story, "Only Their Shining Beauty Was Left" has been getting some great love from reviewers & commenters - like it? Drop me a line - would love to hear what you think. Also, share around if you like - it's free!
  • Like winning free stuff? For those of you who can’t make the launch, I’m raffling off at one mixed bag containing some of the above items (US only). I’ll also hope to see you elsewhere on the journey!  HOW TO ENTER: post a READ / SPOTTED in the WILDe photo on twitter, Instagram, or Facebook within the first week of launch (Sept. 27- Oct 1) of you reading CLOUDBOUND, with the hashtag #CLOUDBOUND (and tag me). 
  • "A Moment of Gravity, Circumscribed," one of the first stories in the Bone Universe to see daylight will be reprinted for the first time online in Lightspeed Magazine's October issue!
(This is a shorter, cloud-filled newsletter, but longer ones will return shortly!)

CLOUDBOUND comes out September 27, so if you can, ask after it at your library, order, review, and hit it up on Goodreads!

Amazon | Barnes & NobleIndieBound | Powell’s | Main Point Books | Mysterious Galaxy

(also: UPDRAFT came out in paperback, Sept. 13! - I had a great time signing at Baltimore Book Festival, where the Ivy Bookstore sold out! - thank you for all the reviews! We're closing on 100 on Amazon - that's fantastic!)

Where I'll Be In Cloudtober:

  • Sept. 27 - PHILLY - Barnes & Noble Rittenhouse Square w. Chuck Wendig
  • Oct. 3 - CHICAGO - Volumes Books w. Ada Palmer & Mary Robinette Kowal
  • Oct. 6 - AMA reddit/r/fantasy (online)
  • Oct. 7 - NYCC noon Tor Booth Signing
    Oct. 7  - NYC Books of Wonder Roundtable
  • Oct. 9 - BOSTON - Pandemonium Books
  • Oct. 20 - BALTIMORE - Atomic Books
  • Oct 26 - 30 - COLUMBUS - World Fantasy
  • Nov. 11 - Mighty Writers
  • Nov. 19 - Girls in Capes!
Can't wait to see you at some of these! 
- Online Fran Finder -

I've been generating posts for you all over the internet, some more embarassing than others. Also a first-time-online-reprint of the first printed story in the Bone Universe!

Coming this week(ish): 
Unbound Worlds - Point of View | Mary Robinette Kowal's My Favorite Bit - The Invisible | The Arched Doorway - Meet the Lammergeiers | 

Scalzi's The Big Idea - Leadership & Politics in Cloudbound (... when the real stuff is going pear-shaped)

Next week: reddit/r/fantasy AMA

You can also find me sooner or later:

The Washington Post | Geek Girl Riot (oh wow, we went there) | GeekMom | Terrible Minds (monster-building) | Clarkesworld (AI and the Female Voice) | The Speculative Herald & more...
See you soon, I hope!
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