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Hello Friends! As part of the grand digital reorganization, I'm simplifying the newsletter and slowly shifting it between platforms. 

You can keep subscribing here and please also subscribe for $0 to the Table Of Contents at my drip platform, where I'll post this newsletter once a month. You'll get an email when it's posted, and it will function like a monthly net of things done and used and liked, which might be pretty cool, long term. (There's more content at Drip for various membership levels. If you have questions, shoot me a message.)

Next month, when we decide which platform we like better, we'll end up in that place. (so if you do both for now and then you can tell me which you like better!)

MEANTIME - I'm home from my kickstarter residency, which was amazing, and I leave for Worldcon and the Hugo awards (voting closes on Tuesday, must not forget) in a couple of weeks.  IT IS SO HOT AND MUGGY HERE IN PHILADELPHIA (I just had to say that. It's NOT a dry heat.)

ALSO meantime, I'm finishing line edits on the secret project, and close to announcing another secret project, which is very exciting. Also, WOW oh my gosh, World Fantasy nomination for "Clearly Lettered in a Mostly Steady Hand" [still in shock, can you tell?]

OK Ready? Let's try this thing out. Here's the table of contents for the month of July:

Found (to be cool, useful, or just plain neat) -- travel edition this month:
  • This travel toothbrush - it's electric, packable, and super simple. Also kind of cute.
  • The CURB app - makes taking a taxi as easy as other ride app services
  • My friends P & G invited me over for dinner and they had the coolest video doorbell - I'm giving it a try. For Reasons.
  • You know what works in a pinch if you want vegetable noodles and can't remember where you stowed the spiralizer? Or if you even own a spiralizer? An old fashioned one of these
  • Someone Has Died, the tabletop game created by my fellow Creators in Residence Liz and Adi, is hilarious and lovely.
  • Superhero Bookshelf, y'all.
  • Sweatshop Coffee in Williamsburg NYC - lovely to sit there, Death Before Decaf Tote Bags, caffeinated face scrub.
  • The Naked Dog. So Delicious. And they have GOOD GF pasta.
  • Yes I like avocado toast a LOT after my time in Greenpoint. And cold brew. And strawberry kombucha. And eating and drinking things out of mason jars. And anything Jenn de la Vega cooks. Ok coming home was hard. SIGHHHH. 
  • Adults only - there's a place in Brooklyn that makes Dorothy Parker Gin. Literary? Recursive? You be the judge.
  • Fountain Pen Friends, I really like the Sailor Procolor 500 EF Shikisai and also still a huge fan of Hisoku ink

Heard (glorious sounds)
Seen (just a few, all online)
Written (what I wrote online, and where)
Where I'll be this fall: Worldcon 9/16-9/19, Dragoncon 8/30-9/3, Kelly Writers House 9/5, Scintillation 10/5-10/7, University of Richmond and Fountain Books 10/9-10/11, World Fantasy 11/1-11/4. 
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