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Secret Message Generator #7: Shaking Things Up, April-May-June, Giveaways, To-Be-Read

Shaking things up:

It is not unreasonable to say that I bore easily. Not in terrible ways (usually), but in ways that make me want to shake things up, often. Maybe you feel the same way sometimes.

So I'm adding some new sections to this newsletter, pulling a few things off of it, and trying not to break stuff in the process. Let me know how I'm doing. ::Points to various contact widgets:: ::realizes you can't see me pointing. Pastes one here.::

These newnesses include: A To-Be-Read list - with nonfiction, essays, and advance-reads by writers I think you should know about. WIP Snippets - three short cuts from various works in progress. Things I'm Researching - or, what Google thinks I'm interested in now. And Stuff I'm Using... whether it's ink, socks, or a really dumb hack.

The giveaways and general silliness will remain until further notice.  

Hope, as always, that you enjoy.

Where I'll Be In April, May & June:

Hope to see you at some of these! (*Uncanny Cabin is part of a Kickstarter to benefit Uncanny Magazine... but you can follow our hijinks online...)
Three WIP snippets (selections from works in progress):

"We flew reckless through the sky, our wings tucked, trying to reach the crumbling tower..." 

"In the region closest to the dark ocean, there is a forest, and in that forest there are people who wait among the trees on moonlit nights until shadows grow long and dark. Using bags, steel nets, and the light of torches, they drive these shadows into traps and so gather them in quantity. Over the next waning moon these people distill the shadows into the darkest of inks."

(nonfiction) "What captures me most is the way these three actual characters and two ghost characters hold the camera's regard. They do not seduce. They command."
Upcoming Cooking The Books Guests include: The Entire Tiptree Motherboard; Emma Newman, James Cambias; David Levine; Nisi Shawl; Chuck Wendig Returns; Ken Liu; Navah Wolfe & Dominik Parisien, Jon McGoran, Malka Older.

UPDRAFT's been nominated for the Compton Crook Award, the 2015 Nebula for Best Novel, and the Andre Norton Award... and will be published in Germany by Droemer Knaur!

"A Jewel And Her Lapidary" comes out in Less Than One Month! Secret Message Machine Heads Up: There will be a Goodreads Giveaway starting Monday, and a Giveaway starting 4/15. Get your clicky-fingers ready. 

BuzzyMag interviewed me & loves Cooking the Books & Rachel Swirsky silly-interviewed ... both of us accidentally.

To Be Read:
(I'll attempt to tell you why in @ 10 words or less)

Things I'm Researching (not all for the same project):
  • Fumaroles
  • Chambered Nautiluses
  • Cyber Squirrel Operations
  • Regional Wolf Dialects
  • Genetic Memory
  • Viral-borne Gene Hacks
  • Marguerite de La Rocque de Roberval
  • Pluto
Stuff I'm Using:
Random favorite pics from February & March - "Zzzzip; Bang!" - Teaching a Monster-Building Workshop for 6th Graders in Richmond & "Time comes dropping slow" - at 30th Street Station in Philly.
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