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November 2: I’m writing (first section -- this got a little progressive because the week was so scattered!) from a cavernous main hall at the Baltimore Renaissance Hotel, where the World Fantasy Convention is taking place. I’ve been to several of these, and they are always such a great way to reconnect with books and stories I love. 

This year, for the first time, I got my own finalist pin, for “Clearly lettered in a Mostly Steady Hand”. I’m so honored by this. It’s nerve wracking being a finalist, but also really wonderful and it is thanks to supportive readers like you. I'm also about to moderate some of my heroes (Charles Vess, Delia Sherman, Tina Conolly) on the Earthsea panel, and then interview my friend and Guest of Honor Aliette de Bodard one on one. To say I'm nervous hardly touches it. I want to do right by all of them.

So whats the news? ARCS! we have Riverland Arcs! They’re gorgeous. Also reviewers and librarians should look on Edelweiss, I’m told! If you know a middle grade teacher or children's librarian who should know about Riverland, please let me know!

Also SPACE NOTECARDS - Patreon and Drip supporters make sure I have your address because some notecards are coming your way, more based on support level -- AND if you level up this month you get extra cards.

Also! Keep an eye out - on 11/28 I’ll be discussing Madeline L’Engle at the Free Library of Philadelphia, main branch. And on 12/9, I’ll be at the Fairless Hillls Barnes & Noble with Sarah Beth Durst to launch of Horizon in paperback.

(Speaking of? There’s a bit of a sale on now for preorders AND if you send preorder receipts to you could get a hand illustrated cover flat plus you'll absolutely get bookplates!) 

.... It's a little later (November 6 to be exact) and I'm working on this newsletter on the train a few days after World Fantasy. Author  Alliette de Bodard and I dropped off World Fantasy Award Winner (!) Ellen Klages at The Park School of Baltimore, where she was to do a talk (and where I used to work), and then continued on to Philadelphia. Earlier, when I asked Aliette what she wanted to do today when we visited New York ... "Empire State Building, visit museums, visit the Pen Hospital?..." she emphatically chose the pen hospital! So there are ink and pen updates below! (We admit that we have a small fountain pen addiction. Between the two of us, we're carrying about nine pens just for a day trip. ... Wait, no Aliette is sitting next to me and she admits to having five pens, and I have seven... so hah. Twelve. Twelve pens to travel with.)

By the way, I survived the panels and I didn't win the gorgeous, newly designed, Vincent Villafranca world tree statue for "Clearly Lettered in a Mostly Steady Hand" as I'd hoped! But that really didn't matter in the greater scheme of things -- the winners and the entire convention was a wonderful weekend and I'm so glad I got to sit down and talk with so many people. Maybe someday I'll win. In the meantime, I'm treasuring my finalists' pin and what that means -- that so many of you read the story and found it worth recommending. Thank you again.

ALL RIGHT I AM FINALLY SITTING DOWN TO FINISH THIS NEWSLETTER - it is November 9 and I'm piled in blankets and pillows because it is cold but I'm home and writing and glad to send this out! One last bit of news -- the amazing people at Barnes & Noble SF Blog put out a list -- 50 of the Greatest Fantasy Debuts Ever Written and Updraft is on it! That's an astounding and wonderful group to be part of. I am very honored.

OK Ready? Let's do this. Here's the table of contents for the month of November :
Found (to be cool, useful, or just plain neat) -- tools & travel edition this month:
  • Fountain Pen Hospital - This glorious shop in Manhattan contains pens new and old, plus inks, and entirely knowledgeable staff. I'm going here today in fact!
  • Badge holders with accessible lobster clips -- World Fantasy chose a badge holder with an easier-to-manipulate clip that makes getting your convention badge attached to your person much easier. As a bonus, it's also HIGHLY USEFUL as a zipper pull if you're in a pinch and can't reach over your shoulder to pull up your dress zipper (ask me how I know!)
  • Vincent Villafranca -- a highly talented metals artist and sculptor with a penchant for brass. His work is detailed, tactile, and uses both rough textures and polished detail, making it glow.
  • Petite Highway Bag -- a bunch of people have been asking me about the bag I'm carrying almost constantly. It's a petite highway bag and it has so many zippers and compartments I can carry seven pens, a journal, my ipad, and all my con supplies and it doesn't bulge. 
  • Silver Splint Rings - this won't apply to everyone, but several people have asked me about the splint rings that I use to support my very hypermobile/subluxing fingers. They've made a huge difference for me even in the short time I've been doing occupational therapy for EDS-related things, and I hope by sharing the link, more people know about this amazing company. They're also really kind of beautiful, which makes wearing them easier. Why aren't more assistive devices beautiful, I wonder?

Heard (glorious sounds)
Seen (just a few, all online)  
Written (what I wrote online, or appeared in, and where)
Where I'll be this Winter: Philly Free Library 11/28 | Barnes & Noble Fairless Hills, 12/9 | Boskone (February) | Rainforest Writers (February)
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