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Secret Message Generator #2: Two free short stories (and a sort-of song...) & two secrets about them, ASIMOV'S MAGAZINE WINNERS, Updraft & Cloudbound updates, Cookbook Heads Up, and events...

East Coast Events:

  • May: Book Expo America (NYC) - I'll be there! Will you? 
  • June: I'll be teaching a writing class at the Philadelphia Writers' Conference. Check out the great lineup! And debuting the SFWA 50th Anniversary Coookbook at the Nebulas! (Chicago)
  • July: Readercon (Boston) - (top secret: I'll be there over my birthday... who knows... there may be shenanigans.)
The Secret Message Generator has an issue of ASIMOV's, containing my short story "How to Walk Through Historic Graveyards in the Post-Digital Age" for subscribers Devin Bulwicz, Jessica Kormos, Paolo Malobuyo, Andrea Schwalm-Stolz, and Diana Ault this time around! Congratulations and please EMAIL me your address by April 24 to ... if I don't hear from you by then, I'll put them back in the hopper for someone else... 

FYI: The swag-generation system may occasionally contain cookies, freebies, or heads-up. Is there something you think I should put in a secret message for subscribers? Drop me a note!

Updraft, Cloudbound, and More News:

  • Updraft Update: Advance Readers Copies arrived at Tor last week! I've just finished proofreading first pass pages (which is the first time I've really seen the layout. It looks amazing).
  • That means I'm planning all sorts of shiny things for my readers and for pre-order folks especially. The Secret Message Machine will be the first to know...
  • MEANTIME, Cloudbound (the next book) is with my editor... all 400 pages of it. More adventures, more monsters! Super hard not to tell you all about it, but I'm going to be good... 
  • I'm working on book three now -- working title: (shhh, don't tell) Horizon...

Two Free Short Stories/Poems:

  • On April 7, Uncanny Magazine published my VERY short retelling of Orpheus & Eurydice, as told by GPS directions, "You Are Two Point Three Meters from Your Destination." The outpouring of support from Twitter was amazing. Even better, a class at University of Richmond asked if they could teach it two days later. What do you think of it? Drop me a line or a tweet. Meantime, go tiny 250-word story, go! 
  • The very next day, April 8, my poem/story/sea chantey (it's *complicated*) "The Ghost Tide Chantey" debuted at for National Poetry Month. My editor wrote a note that morning that she still gets chills when she reads it. Me? I was too nervous to even look at the page for a long time. I'll tell you why, below.
  • "The Ghost Tide Chantey," is broken into tide-sections, is the first really nautical piece I've published (I'm a lifelong sailor) and if I read it aloud, I *may* have to sing. Eiyiyi!

Two SMM-only Secrets About Those Short Stories...

  • Why was I nervous about "The Ghost Tide Chantey"? Well, first: I wrote "You are Two Point Three Meters..." (the Uncanny story) in three drafts, very fast, after finishing Cloudbound. Even though it was only 250 words, I mapped it using Google maps and consulted with a classicist. And ... it just dropped into place.
  • But "The Ghost Tide Chantey"? That took much longer. I began writing that in 2011. It's been through over twenty drafts. For a while, I didn't know if it wanted to be a short story, a poem, or a song. It took me until 2013 to realize it wanted to be all three. The final form caught Tor editor Miriam Weinberg's eye, and we whispered to the ghosts until this week, when we released it to you. That's why I was so nervous. I'm interested in hearing what you think of it... either in the comments at or elsewhere!
  • Bonus secret... I wrote part of this version of "The Ghost Tide Chantey" on author Gregory Frost's front porch. But don't tell him. I was supposed to be working on a novel....
The Barnes & Noble Rittenhouse Square event was fantastic! Thank you so much for coming, if you were there! If you missed it, here's a write-up!

Photo: Authors Gregory Frost & Michael Swanwick, Asimov's Editor Sheila Williams, Me!, Assistant Editor Emily Hockaday, and author Tom Purdom on March 28, 2015. 
Ad Astra: The SFWA 50th Anniversary Cookbook that I've been co-editing with author Cat Rambo for almost a year is at the designers. [DANCE BREAK] That means two things... the cookbook will be ready for Nebulas Weekend in June... and there will be a cover reveal and pre-order information coming soon! SFF cookbooks have a long history, and this one is pretty special... especially with over 130 SFF authors providing recipes, stories, and more surprises.
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