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“We were born into danger. We keep each other safe.
That's why we love. That's why we fight. If we didn't fight so hard, the danger would get in and we can't let it.”
Horizon, Book 3 of the Bone Universe
out 9-26-17 (preorder links here)

Just back from a week on the west coast where I gave a keynote speech at USC, did a worldbuilding workshop at RFK Community Schools in LA, visited Mission Control at the Jet Propulsion Lab (so so cool), and had a blast on fantasy panels at Wondercon! The week before that was the International Conference on the Fantastic in the Arts, where I either horrified or stunned an audience to silence (author John Chu can back me up on this), searched for alligators, and generally soaked up the brilliance around me. The weekend before that, I visited with Brooklyn SF Writers and was on the radio with Lara Elena Donelly, Cam Rob, and more. And that was just after getting back from both Rainforest and Boskone. Which came right after finishing a draft of a new novel, and turning in copy edits on Horizon - the completion of the Bone Universe series.

It's been a tiny bit hectic around here! I hope you'll forgive the lack of newsletters while I rebooted.

I've decided to simplify a little bit, letting newsletter subscribers know where I'm going to be, what's coming up soon, giving sneak peeks at new work and early notice of treats and surprises, as well as outright sharing of same with you at random. I'll also keep you posted on great upcoming books I've read, random things I like, and possibly some research tidbits. 

Meantime, photos & morning poems will continue to appear on Instagram, various enthusiasms on twitter and occasional tumblrs, and book bites, Cooking the Books, and longer reading lists and rainshouting will go on the blog

Sound good?  Excellent! So glad you're traveling with me.


April 8 - Teaching an online worldbuilding workshop with Cat Rambo. More info

April 23-26 - Instructor at the Futurescapes Workshop, Sundance Resort 

May 18-21 - Nebula Weekend in Pittsburgh! Here's the schedule!

May 26-29 - Balticon, Compton Crook 2016 Guest of Honor

July 14 - Philadelphia Free Library with Kevin Hearne & Chuck Wendig

July 15-16 - Readercon!

August 4-6 - presenter, Byzantine Futures Conference, Upsala, Sweden

August 7 - Science Fiction Bokhandeln with Elizabeth Bear & Scott Lynch (stay tuned, this is going to be cool), Stockholm, Sweden

August 9-13 - Worldcon, Helsinki, Finland

September 26 - HORIZON LAUNCH! Details coming soon!

October & November - more shenanigans...

You can pre-order HORIZON now from your favorite independent bookstore, including Mysterious Galaxy, Main Point Bookstore, Pandemonium, and Doylestown Bookshop, as well as online at Amazon & Barnes and Noble


The 2017 Hugo Award Finalists were announced today and The Jewel And Her Lapidary is nominated for Best Novelette, along with so many amazing works! This is my first Hugo nomination and I'm over the moon. Thanks to all of you for encouraging me while I worked on it and for reading!

My episode of The Witch Who Came in From The Cold just came out! 

You can vote in the Locus Readers' Poll through 4/15 - also brows the great works suggested, which includes three of my stories from last year!


Five Books I'm Excited About: 
  • House of Binding Thorns - OUT TODAY! by Aliette de Bodard. My Take: "A Dragon Kingdom in the Seine? YES PLEASE"
  • The Strange Case of the Alchemist's Daughter by Theodora Goss - My Take: "As if Charlie's Angels, as written by Mary Shelley, took over the Bluestocking Society, with bonus well-mannered explosions. An utterly delightful, transformative read." 
  • River of Teeth by Sarah Gailey - My Take: "HIPPOS! YES!!!"
  • The Refrigerator Monologues by Catherynne Valente - My Take: "So freaking good, and I don't even have the full-color, illustrated version yet."
  • Brimstone by Cherie Priest - ALSO OUT TODAY! My take: "Dark historical fantasy, spiritualism & Cherie Priest - this is amazing."

Things I Really Love: 
What I'm researching:
  • Glass
  • Garbage
  • Quarks
  • Smart Cities
Things I'm thinking about: 
  • Mostly about community - beyond civic engagement. And about how to encourage my rogue senator to believe his constituents exist.
  • Also about my Invisible3 Essay, which is about brainships and braces.
  • And my upcoming story in September's Uncanny Magazine, "Grotesquerie," which is about as different a story as you'll see from me.

In the middle of everything, we shifted houses!
It's a place that's a better fit for us/me.
In the process, we discovered it already had a name.

The name is perfect, and I'll share it with newsletter folks because you all are awesome.

The previous owners left a sign out front that we found in the leaves: Wit's End.
Shhhh don't tell anyone yet.

We're making up some sort of announcement. But it's perfect, yes?
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