New Cooking the Books - Charlie Jane Anders (January), plus Matt Wallace (February) & more...
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Secret Message Generator #6: Covers! 2016 Cooking the Books Lineup, Where I'll Be This Spring, Links & Photos from Abroad

So this week saw not one but two cover reveals over at - for The Jewel and Her Lapidary and Cloudbound / Updraft The reception has been amazing, and so is the art.

Artist Tommy Arnold brought Sima and Lin, the characters from my May 2016 Publishing novella The Jewel and Her Lapidary, to life. They are so fierce. I love it. 

And then Tommy came BACK and did the cover for CLOUDBOUND, the first companion novel to UPDRAFT -- and THEN he did the TPB cover for UPDRAFT too. 

Look at these works of art, you guys. They are incredible. I'm in love.  Look at the wings!!

Stickers are happening, yes. And more...

Where I'll Be In February & March:

Hope to see you at one of these!
 The Secret Message Generator has a selection of mailable, writeable Questionable Answers postcards for: PETER SURSI! Send me your mailing address of choice and I'll send out the GOODS!

Questionable Answers To All Your Publishing Questions is an accidental series of drawings I've done at Chuck Wendig's Terribleminds blog. I may be doing another soon... if Chuck doesn't turn the hoses on me when he sees me coming.

Meantime the Secret Message Generator is spending the winter digging out from the storm. I'm excited to see our Updraft airplane is gracing the Teen Zine newsletter at Whitman Neighborhood Library, where I visited in December.

The Secret Message Generator swag-generation system may occasionally contain cookies, freebies, or heads-up. Is there something you think I should put in a secret message for subscribers? Drop me a note!
Upcoming Cooking The Books Guests include: Matt Wallace; Ellen Datlow and Matt Kressel; The Entire Tiptree Motherboard; James Cambias; David Levine; Nisi Shawl; Chuck! Wendig! Returns!; Ken Liu; Navah Wolfe & Dominik Parisien

It is Awards Season, and so a reminder that UPDAFT is eligible for the Nebula & Hugo, as well as several other area awards and (as a write in) for the Locus Poll - under Fantasy, YA, and First Novel

Meantime: I've made a long list of books, short stories & other categories with many folks to consider.

Also....Thank you so much to everyone who's left a review, come to an event, and recommended Updraft so far!
  • Going into the middle of February, we're nearing 60 reviews on Amazon and nearly 200 on Goodreads! Every review helps - thank you so much to folks who have left them!
  • This is good advice for all books, not just mine: If you want to help any of your favorite authors, the best ways to do that include recommending their books to new readers, suggesting them for book clubs on and offline, attending events, and leaving comments and recommendations at various online places. Thanks so much for your support!

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