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Secret Message Generator #8: 3 Months To Go! - Stuff I Love - WIP Snippet (from an upcoming short story) - The Pre-order Bookplate - To-Be-Read - Links & A Song

Like I said...

Last time I sent one of these out (and I'm drafting Bone Universe Book Three right now, so I've been sparing you the wordcount updates), I told you I'm adding some new sections to the secret message machine that can point you at what I'm reading, and things I've found that you might like too. Want to see something from me? Tell me so here.

These newnesses include: A To-Be-Read list - with nonfiction, essays, and advance-reads I think you should know about. WIP Snippets - three short cuts from various works in progress. Things I'm Researching - or, what Google thinks I'm interested in now. And Stuff I'm Using... whether it's ink, socks, or a really dumb hack, as well as giveaways and silliness.
CLOUDBOUND comes out September 27, so if you can, ask after it at your library, preorder (& get some some special pre-order treats if you do), and hit it up on Goodreads!

(also: Updraft comes out in paperback Sept. 13!)

Where I'll Be In July, August & early September:

  • July 7-10  - Readercon
  • August 17-22 - Worldcon Kansas City
  • September 1-5 - Dragoncon
Hope to see you at some of these! I'm doing a writers workshop at Worldcon -- if you are a writer and haven't checked one of these out before, absolutely give it a look.
Three WIP snippets (selections from works in progress):

"What it took for Sam to turn into a laurel tree was a river dream."
- not a WIP exactly... doing final pass edits on "Only Their Shining Beauty Was Left," which will debut in the September issue of Shimmer.

"As I searched for the flint I'd tucked in one of my robe's pockets, a shadow moved fast in the air beyond the balcony, its swift passage catching my eye. A large bird, falling from the air, another bird swooping around it, screeching." - from [Horizon]
Upcoming Cooking The Books Guests include: Emma Newman David Levine; Nisi Shawl; Chuck! Wendig! Returns!; Ken Liu; Navah Wolfe & Dominik Parisien, Jon McGoran, Malka Older.

(Photo credit: Richard Mann Photography)

UPDRAFT WON The Andre Norton Award AND The Compton Crook Award, and was nominated for the 2015 Nebula for Best Novel! That was really cool.

I have a new agent! I'm delighted to share that I'm now represented by Barry Goldblatt at BGLiterary. He's being very patient about all the squid in his office.

Keep an ear out for my Sword & Laser interview next week & Ditchdiggers sometime soon (though you should probably be listening to them anyway) - being on both shows was a lot of fun, although Matt Wallace and Mur Lafferty won't let me drive the Ditchdiggers Segway yet.

Filker Gary Ehrlich wrote a Bridge Shanty for Updraft and performed it for me at a Balticon Kaffeeklatsch - you can watch the whole thing here.

My essay "Change the Language, Change the World" will be included in Speculative Fiction 2015 - a fantastic nonfiction anthology edited by Foz Meadows and Mark Oshiro and published by The Book Smugglers!

To Be Read:
(I'll attempt to tell you why in @ 10 words or less)

  • The Witch Who Came In From The Cold, Serial Box... Because (shhhh) I'm writing an episode in season two! Also spies and spells!
  • An Alphabet of Embers a lyrical collection from Rose Lemberg and Bogi Tackacks that defies gravity, much less classification
  • The Lie Tree, by Frances Hardinge. Pure. Dark. Genius.
  • Roses and Rot, by Kat Howard. What happens if Once Upon A Time comes with a grand and terrible catch.
  • Everfair (August), by Nisi Shawl. History, re-envisioned and retooled. SO GOOD.
  • Against All Silence by E.C. Myers - Your Reality, Hacked.
Things I'm Researching (not all for the same project):
  • Phones and Sensors
  • Artificial Intelligence & squid
  • Monsters & Maps
  • Gabrielle Émilie Le Tonnelier de Breteuil, marquise du Châtelet
  • The smuggling of Joyce's Ulysses
Stuff I'm Using:

- These Packing Cubes. Seriously. They save my sanity. *if I've linked this before, sorry - I am obsessed.
The Noteshelf app. (iPad Pro Users) Handwritten notes on just about anything, sign contracts, annotate, keep a reading journal. Doodle. (yup that's what got me.)
- These masks - from Baltimore's Tiger Torre Art. I bought one at Balticon and it's gorgeous. Nope, not telling which one. That would ruin my disguise.

Keep your eyes open. I'm saving one Cloudbound ARC for newsletter subscribers in the coming months... and I'll decorate it for the winner ...
A silliness: Goldy - the Saga of one 1970s gold recliner and its zombie horde is now yours to enjoy. And mine to fear...
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