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Hello Friends! Thank you for subscribing to Wilde Type and The Table of Contents, either here or at my drip platform, where I'll post this newsletter once a month. You'll get an email when it's posted, and it will function like a monthly net of things done and used and liked, which will be pretty cool, long term. (There's more content at Drip & Patreon for various membership levels. If you have questions, shoot me a message.)

This holiday season, I want to say a special thank you to you, for reading and for writing back. Sometimes it gets hard to send words out into the world and hearing from you, in comments and notes, images, and your own posts and thoughts, means so much. Thank you for being part of this net we are weaving. 

It's mid-December, which I figured would be of use to those of you who are still looking for Excellent Things, either ephemeral or not. Also it is mid-December because I had Surprise!Travel in mid-November... which shifted a lot of scheduling. My Chinese publisher, Future Affairs Administration (FAA), asked if I wanted to visit the Danzhai region of China (YES HI YES)... and I had two weeks to turn around a Visa, get packed, re-pack, and find some good travel kludges for the 30+ hours in transit (why many of my recs below are travel gadgets). 

(Also I feel certain that many countries, interesting places, and companies could benefit from a small group of visiting science fiction writers. Now my challenge is to find them all.)

I spent a lot of the trip listening to village officials, artisans, and council members from Danzhai, learning about local history, tea, mythology, and visiting very off-the-beaten path (literally) places... these experiences are being tumbled through my brain and memory and will emerge in the form of more drawings (initial journal pages are already available to members on patreon {pixel and up} and drip (meadow and up}) some blog posts, and a novella to be published by FAA.

I'm finally home and enjoying some fun with my family. We visited friends in Baltimore last week and I found some great new things to see and do there too, and added them to the list.

Meantime, my final short story of 2018 came out at Fireside -- called "Choose Wisely" -- and I love how the magazine has formatted it. My final essay of the year also appears in this issue of Fireside (I really love this magazine). Ninth Step Station, the cyberpunk police procedural set in post-disaster Japan, begins on January 9, 2019 (preorder so you're ready for it) and planning is underway for Riverland to appear in April (preview & preorder, tell your friendly neighborhood children's librarians, teachers, -- . everyone! Also if you've read it, I'd love to hear, and so might the world, if you're the reviewing sort.) More preorder news is coming soon... keep an eye out!

Since we last spoke, I've signed off on a few neat things, including copy edits for The Fire Opal Mechanism (Librarians! Thieves! Time Travel! Very bad Gems!) - the new gemworld novella from, coming in 2019; two new short stories, the proof of "A Catalog of Storms," coming from Uncanny in January;  and the first draft of a new Middle Grade novel about invisible disability, science, art, and stars, among other things. I can't wait for you to meet all of these stories.

OK Ready? Let's do this. Here's the table of contents for the month of November :

Found (to be cool, useful, or just plain neat) -- tools & travel edition this month:
  • Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones - I didn't think I needed these, or would even like these, until a friend had me try hers. They cut plane noise, the neighbor's lawn care machines, even dog noise down to a workable level. I love them.
  • Scough - I knew I needed some kind of filter mask, both for now, and for future trips where I'm in a lot of pollution or smoke, but I didn't want a medical one. The scough is a real scarf that looks great, kept me warm, and it also had a great filter for when I needed that. And it worked really well. Like driver chain smoking in the taxi well.
  • Google Translate App - it's a little wonky still, but being able to type what I needed in and have a displayable phrase come back helped me through a couple of confusing airport discussions.
  • Nock Pen Brasstown Carrying Case - I carry a ton of pens (too many perhaps) but I use them all so I'm not going to get too self-kicky. This is what keeps them organized. And holds various other things (hair clips, tokens, erasers) as needed.

Heard (glorious sounds)
All podcasts this time: 
  • 99% Invisible's Mall Episode -- this one is so good. Imagine finding a secret space inside a mall... and living there. The concept sounded like a consumerist take on From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. The reality was weirder and better.
  • Daniel & Jorge Explain the Universe - A UC Irvine Physics professor and a Cartoonist with a Robotics PHD talk string theory, Mars, and physics. Just getting into this one, but the Chemist loves it.
  • Sum of All Parts - a podcast about numbers. Found this one via the podcast rabbit hole, which led us to Unidscovered (another podcast, yes rabbithole) and their EXCELLENT episode The Infinite God (just trust me)
  • An old but good one: Listen to Kate Baker read Genevieve Valentine's "A Bead of Jasper, Four Small Stones" at Clarkesworld's podcast.
  • This poem, "True Stories about Koko Taylor" by Eve. L. Ewing - and all that The Slowdown brings.
  • The Hey YA podcast - always great things from Eric and Kelly but especially the fabulous "Pterodactyl Boyfriend, Again" episode that mentions Riverland 
Seen (just a few, all museum exhibits this time)
Written (what I wrote online, or appeared in, and where)  
Where I'll be this winter: Boskone (February) | Rainforest Writers (February) | ICFA (March)
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