For Alumni and Their Families
Fall 2016
Dear Villa Academy Alumni and Families,

It's so exciting being back at Villa after graduating from here in 2003. I feel such a strong connection to this school and with everyone in it, so I'm looking forward to organizing some meaningful events for alumni of all ages this year.

Through my conversations with current students here and with alumni, it's clear that Villa does a fantastic job of living true to the Cabrinian tradition of educating compassionate hearts and confident minds. More than anything, Villa is a family, and I encourage each of you to become involved in what's going on here in the coming months. I can't wait to connect with you personally at some point down the road.

John Milroy, Villa's Head of School, mentioned a year ago in the 2015 alumni fall newsletter that we submitted a land use application to replace the existing grass soccer field with a larger, synthetic turf field. We are excited to announce that those construction plans are estimated to begin in May 2017 and the field will be ready when school begins again in the fall. In addition to use as a soccer field, this new turf field could be used throughout the year for physical education classes and as an outdoor classroom/lab for other programs. It could also be used for various recreational and community events. We are excited for alumni to come back, visit, and check out the new field upon its completion. 

In other news, Villa will be hosting an alumni happy hour at the Duchess on November 22nd at 6:30pm, right before Thanksgiving. See below for more details! I hope to see many of you there. In the meantime, please don't hesitate to email or call me if you would like to tour the school or just reminisce about the good times at Villa. Go Vikings!

Claire Smith '03
Alumni and Development Coordinator

Please feel free to "Like" our Facebook page, follow our Twitter account, and join the Villa Academy LinkedIn group. Also, please contact me if you are interested in becoming involved in alumni outreach or if you have any memories, photos, or accomplishments you'd like to share with the Villa Alumni community.

You can reach me by email or phone: (206) 729-0219 ext. 289

All alums (21+) are invited to our fall happy hour! It's a great opportunity to sip on some tasty beverages, catch up with old friends, and meet new ones.

Please take a minute to RSVP to


Villa alumni accomplish so many great things. Below you will see two of them spotlighted who just so happen to be brothers from the classes of '93 and '96.
Chris Spicer (left), graduated from Villa in 1993 and went on receive his B.B.A. and B.A. from UW, and then his J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center. He now lives in LA with his wife and dog, and is a film-finance lawyer at the Akin Gump firm. Chris has helped provide financing for shows like House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black, as well as for movies like The Hunger Games and Ender's Game.

Nick Spicer (right), graduated from Villa in 1996 and later majored in History and French at Rice University where he was a National Merit Scholar. He then received an MFA from the UCLA Producers Program in 2006. Nick also lives in LA with his wife, and is a partner at XYZ Films which he helped start in 2008. They've produced films like The Raid I & II, Tusk, The Invitation, and most recently, The Oath.
What we love about Villa:
You really got to know people. The experience was designed for students of all ages to feel at home and comfortable learning. The teachers challenged us to take risks and to think independently. It wasn’t just about learning a curriculum, but about nurturing curiosity and fostering a love of learning.

What we love about what we do now: 
We work in a creative industry, and sit at the intersection of art and business. We’re fortunate in that the success of our projects, clients, and deals are not measured solely in financial terms, but in how effectively a movie transports the audience emotionally. We both work with international clients and films which consistently exposes us to new people and cultures.


We know that college is a big transition for students, so we reached out to Villa alumni starting their freshman and sophomore years to get some of their impressions thus far. 

Emily Riccio '12, Freshman at Boston College
Favorite Class: Perspectives, a combination of Philosophy and Theology
Favorite Part of College: "It's easy to form real friendships because everything you do, from studying to eating, involves your friends. It's exciting being surrounded by a huge new group of people and meeting a new person every day."

Rekha Olsen '12, Freshman at the University of Southern California
Favorite Classes: Culture, Conformity, Revolt and Jazz Elements
Favorite Part of College: "I like working on new jazz tunes, playing together with classmates in combos, and delving deeper into jazz music through listening, transcription, and composition assignments. I also like meeting so many new and interesting people from all over the country and the world. "

Cyrus Osler '12, Freshman at the University of Washington
Favorite Classes: English Composition and Chemistry
Favorite Part of College: "I like having the freedom to create a schedule that works best for what I want to accomplish."

Jax Damir '12, Freshman at the University of Washington
Favorite Classes: Calculus, Chemistry, English, and Engineering
Favorite Part of College: "The significant amount of freedom coupled with a ton of work and high expectations, and also that all coursework is online."

Katie Brennan '12, Freshman at Texas Christian University
Favorite Class: Psychology
Favorite Part of College: "Making so many new friends and joining a sorority."

Jonah Hlastala '12, Freshman at Montana State University 
Favorite Classes: Film 101 and Exploring Digital Photography 
Favorite Part of College: "Film has always been a passion of mine and it has been great to experience a college level classroom setting for that art medium. Photography has allowed me to go out into the natural beauty Montana offers any time and just photograph and take in everything about this area that I love so much. My favorite thing about college so far has been meeting new people from different backgrounds and really having the opportunity to challenge who I have seen myself as my entire life. I have already felt a huge personal change in my lifestyle for the better."
Nicolina Rutkowski, Sophomore at Loyola University Chicago
Favorite Class: Biology Lecture and Lab
Favorite Part of College: "I like the freedom and the responsibility; being on my own and in charge of my own responsibilities."

Michael Barrett Fanning, Sophomore at Fordham University
Favorite Classes: Constitutional Law and Russian
Favorite Part of College: "Russian helps me immerse myself in the world in a way I could never imagine. I'm able to experience and learn from a culture so different from our own and interact with people I didn't think I'd be able to. I also love the sense of empowerment that comes about after getting comfortable on campus. It's surreal to be able to be so much more self-reliant and go out and adventure on my own."

Julian Kaizuka, Sophomore at Pepperdine University 
Favorite Class: Tennis
Favorite Part of College: "The friends that I've made and the campus's location." 

Olivia Pingul, Sophomore at the University of Washington
Favorite Classes: Global Health and Economics 
Favorite Part of College: "The ability to explore many different subjects that interest me. My schedule and time are my own and that's exciting!" 

Gregorio Mount, Sophomore at Long Island University Brooklyn
Favorite Classes: Majoring in Sports Management, and favorite classes are Sociology and Digital Photography
Favorite Part of College: "Playing D1 soccer - we're ranked 35th nationally. I also enjoy exploring Brooklyn and other parts of NYC. Without a doubt it is the best city in the world because of its diversity, opportunity, and beauty."

Hannah Wagner, Sophomore at Occidental College
Favorite Class: Cognitive Science
Favorite Part of College: "Being on the volleyball team and the independence." 

Phebe Hinman, Sophomore at Brown University
Favorite Classes: A wide variety including From Blues to Beyonce, Squishy Science, and Computer Science 
Favorite Part of College: "Brown's emphasis on putting your whole self into what you do and only doing things which captivate your passion. Villa helped me prepare to enter that environment by helping me develop passions while teaching a discipline which has paid off in every problem set and test."

Jeremy Tanaka, Sophomore at University of Washington
Favorite Classes: Introduction to 3D Sculptures and Epidemiology
Favorite Part of College: "The self-regulated lifestyle which also comes with its own risks, and the friends that I make."

Shelly Henling, Sophomore at Villanova University
Favorite Classes: Majoring in Computer Engineering and enjoys C++, Fundamentals of Computer Engineering, and Engineering Micro-Projects
Favorite Part of College: "The professors, students, and the community at Villanova. I love all my classes and the people I'm meeting."

VillaNOW Campaign

Looking for a way to give back to your alma mater? Contributing to the VillaNOW fund is a wonderful way to show your appreciation and support!

When I speak with alumni, I often hear the phrase, "If it wasn't for Villa..." In finishing that sentence, they mention how they never would have gone to medical school, or traveled as extensively, or taken up different languages, or had the confidence to stand up to adversity, or gotten as involved in volunteering and community service. There's a lot to be appreciative of when it comes to Villa.

That being said, school tuition only goes so far in running a private, independent school. Annual giving through VillaNOW provides funds for financial aid, faculty salaries, curricular enhancements, and maintenance of our historic buildings and grounds. In short, any amount that you chose to give, be it $20 or $2000, helps support the people and programs that make Villa Academy so special.

As alums, we suggest donating according to your graduation year! For instance, if you graduated in 2003, donate $20.03. Grad from 1985? How about a donation of $19.85 or $198.50? We welcome your participation—it means more than the size of your gift.

Curious why?

Support VillaNOW! Make a gift online today!
VILLA ACADEMY  |  5001 NE 50TH ST.  |  SEATTLE, WA 98105
206.524.8885  |  WWW.THEVILLA.ORG

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