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Fieldhouse Guidelines UPDATE
  1. The Fieldhouse would like as many people as possible to purchase entrance tickets before they arrive at the tournament. So, we've added the option for you to purchase the tickets online, but you can also still purchase them at the door. We will accept cash, checks, or cards. I sent a separate email with more information. Here is the link for online payments:
  2. Masks are REQUIRED by the Fieldhouse and will be strictly enforced. I did not intend to imply otherwise in my original email, and I'm sorry if it appeared that way. While there may be a legitimate medical condition for a VERY, VERY small number of people which allows those particular people to have a medical exemption in accordance with Dallas County and the State of Texas Mandates, we anticipate that number to be EXTREMELY minimal. We fully expect and require everyone to be wearing a mask. Those working the clock and book at the scoring table must wear a mask. (Note: The players and coach for any particular game do not have to wear a mask during their game.)
  3. The Fieldhouse requires players and coaches to enter the building through the side foyer entrance which is to the left of the building, if you are facing the building. (The entrance that faces Main St.) All fans will enter through the front doors. I understand that this plan won't work for those with younger players, so just bring them with you through the front doors, if needed. The goal is to reduce traffic in any one location. The coach check-in will be inside the side foyer entrance.
  4. The Fieldhouse is requiring us to take all players' temperatures with touchless thermometers when the players enter the building.The temperature can be taken on an arm.
  5. When players enter the building, they are supposed to go upstairs to wait for their game time. There is a large room upstairs that spans the length of the building. Players and coaches can enter that room 30 minutes before their game times, meet with their teams, put their shoes on, and stretch in this large holding area. We'll have volunteers with walkie-talkies upstairs and downstairs. The DasCHE volunteer upstairs will tell teams when it's time for them to head downstairs for their games. The Fieldhouse does not want any players whatsoever hanging around the courts waiting for games. If your players are watching a game as fans, they have to put on a shirt over their uniforms. They will not allow teams to wait for their games near the courts or in the stands. We must leave room for the fans to spread out on the bleachers without teams, waiting for their games, taking those spots.
  6. Fans are instructed to bring their own wipes to wipe their bleacher seats before they sit down, if they choose to do so.
  7. There will be plenty of seating for fans to be able to distance themselves from others. The Fieldhouse might ask people to spread out if it gets too crowded in any particular area.If they believe there are too many fans at any particular game, they might ask those who do not have a family member playing, to leave. We do not anticipate this situation happening as they can now fill up to 75% capacity. However, if it does get too crowded, we need to be ready to exit if our own family member is not playing and if we are told to do so.
  8. The Fieldhouse does not want anyone lingering around the foyer area at all. Basically, if you are not sitting in a bleacher and watching a game, they want you to leave the building. Unfortunately, with those rules, we cannot print the brackets and have them posted on the walls like we normally do. However, we will still have the brackets updated online as soon as we receive the official scores from the coaches.
  9. When games are over, the teams are not supposed to shake hands with the opponent or hold team meetings inside the building. Players must throw away all used cups and water bottles. Players and coaches must grab their belongings as quickly as possible and leave the building through the gym side exits where they can talk outside the building. They cannot pick a spot in the gym or in the foyer to talk and congregate, and they cannot exit through the main gym doors into the foyer area. Note - the next set of teams cannot come downstairs for their games until the court is cleared. For us to even have a chance of running games on-time, we really need all teams to leave the building quickly.
  10. We will have a container of wipes on the scoring table at each court. When you are finished with your game, please have the clock and book person wipe down the clock, pencils, and your chairs at the table as well as the bench your team was sitting on. These are the rules of the Fieldhouse. They would also like the game ball to be wiped down before use.
  11. We'll still have a hospitality room, although it will be different than normal. Only 1-2 coaches per team will be allowed in the room, and we'll have to be more vigilant so that the room isn't too full at any particular time. While normally we have food donated from 30-40 restaurants, this year we will have individually packaged snacks, pizza, and some homemade real food options. We'll have a volunteer serving the food, plus there will be coffee, iced tea, Gatorades, and water bottles.
On a basketball playing note - all floors are being cleaned and all rims and nets are being checked. We're getting ready for a great weekend of basketball for our kids!

Live-Stream Details:
All games on all courts will be live-streamed on both Friday and Saturday. This live-stream option will be wonderful for fans who might prefer to watch from home or for out-of-town family members to tune in to specific games.
Please go to Lion Stream Media's website for more information.  After selecting a plan, please use the following referral code:  Spartans2020
(We will receive a small percentage which will help cover so many of the extra tournament costs.)
Live-Stream details for payment to Lion Stream Media:
  • One day pass for $9.99
  • 3-day pass for $14.99
  • Monthly membership for $19.99
 All passes provide access to all the tournament games live-streamed and available on-demand in HD. Additionally, all games are available for download.
Regards & Blessings,
Jim Horton
Athletic Director
(817) 565-3135
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