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Hello Timebank Members
It feels great to now be able to meet with members indoors. We have already enjoyed tea and cake mini celebrations in a number of our groups. Timebank staff are looking to the future and there are lots of plans in place to make sure the rest of 2021 will be full of positivity, plans and exciting events. We move forward with tentative steps, encouraging our members to join us in keeping Timebanking an enjoyable, useful and inclusive experience for all.

Get in touch if you have anything you would like to share through the newsletter and don't forget you can keep in touch or post offers and exchange requests on our Facebook page too. We'd love to hear from you!
What's in this months Newsletter ...
        * COVID 19 Update                                 * Timebank's 10th Anniversary
        * Opportunities to Exchange                 * Plan It, Cook It, Share It - Update
        * Recent Exchanges                               * What's going on in your area
        * Timebank On Tour                                * Where you can find us
        * Mayflower 400 news                            * Other info and resources

Covid Update 

How we can keep COVID-19 rates down

hands, face, space, air

Thanks to everyone's efforts to stay safe COVID-19 rates in Plymouth are now back to below the national average. However, as experience over the last year has shown, we must remain vigilant as they can quickly rise again.

Many people are still feeling the debilitating effects of COVID-19 long after they’ve had the virus. This video of Plymouth resident, Charlie, shows just how much coronavirus can continue to affect your life.

Charlie contracted coronavirus in March last year and is still suffering from long COVID 14 months later.

You can protect yourself, your friends and family and your community by remembering that every action counts:

  • Make sure you keep up the hands, face, space, fresh air guidance at all times. Fresh air is one of our best defences against COVID-19. Meet outside where possible and open a window when visitors are in your home.
  • Get vaccinated when you are offered one. Those aged 34+ are now eligible and can book a vaccine through the NHS website.
  • Take a free COVID-19 test twice a week even if you do not have any symptoms. There are now more places to pick up your free kits.
  • Use the NHS COVID19 app. It is the quickest and easiest way to meet the requirement to check in when visiting venues such as pubs and restaurants. It is also the fastest way to see if you're at risk from coronavirus. The faster you know, the quicker you can alert and protect your loved ones and community.
Book your Covid Vaccination now
Covid guidelines from Timebank UK

As guidelines have changed, we have had a request for updated
 TBUK Covid guidelines for timebanking exchanges. We hope you find these useful. Any specific question or comments, please email
Opportunities to exchange

Do you remember the skills you said you would like to share when you became a Timebank member? Whether you are tech savvy, proficient with plants or have a natural dexterity for DIY - wanting to share your knowledge is what brought us, and what will keep us moving forward, together.
Timebank South West is proud to have over 100 members who are all here to share their skills and abilities with other members across the city creating a friendly, social and cost-free way of getting involved in your community and lending a hand to help others by doing something you enjoy!
Recent Timebank member exchanges

We are pleased to say that we have had a big spike in exchanges recently! It is wonderful to see how eager our members are to help each other out and get stuck in.
Below are pictures from exchanges that have been actioned in May. Jenny has knitted cable knit hats for two members, and she has taught Caroline how to cable knit. Jenny has also repaired a beloved knitted scarecrow who had a close encounter with a family pet and came out worse off! Kay has put yarn to grid to create beautiful moss piece, this will be put, along with 5 pieces from other Timebank members in Devonport, Efford and Stonehouse on to the wall in The Plot on Union Street, creating a beautiful hand-made 'living wall'. New member Jaquie has also been giving her time by ironing shirts for fellow member Andy.
Whitleigh members have also been very active lately, Tony has been busy helping to build a fence for Tony and Louise, as well as clearing out the garden with help from John. Planters at Four Greens have been refreshed and re planted by members recently too, and a trip to Plants Galore was enjoyed by a number of members who are, along with some other community members, working on a Street 2 Scale application. They were going to price up items they would need but couldn't resist a little shopping for themselves while they were there!
Timebank On Tour!
We are taking Timebank on Tour around the City and you are invited to join us. Starting on Monday 21st June we will be in North Prospect in the morning and Efford in the afternoon. This is going to be a really exciting opportunity for us to promote Timebanking to local residents and encourage them to get involved and share their skills. If you know someone who would benefit from getting out of the house, meeting new people and learnign new skills, why not bring them along? We would love to meet them.
Mayflower 400 Meal
Timebank South West - 10 Year Anniversary
Last year was the 400th year anniversary of the Mayflower ship sailing to America and lots of activities were planned by various community groups and organisations, much of which had to be put on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
At Timebank South West we were planning to acknowledge the sailing from Plymouth by hosting a special feast to celebrate timebanking and thank active timebankers.
As covid restrictions are being eased we have an opportunity to put the celebration back on the map! Recipes from 1620 have been sourced and we are ready to get started. We are planning to host the feast on 4th July and if you want to get involved in helping, please let us know by contacting Kimberley at our office
Timebank is going to be celebrating reaching the grand old age of 10 this year!
10 years of bringing people together.
10 years of sharing knowledge
10 years of learning new skills
10 years of earning & spending hours

We are planning an exciting event to celebrate in style so watch this space for your special invitation to join us.

We would love to hear about your time with Timebank:
How long have you been a member?

What skills do you share?
How would you like to celebrate our 10th birthday?
Would you like to get involved with the planning and execution of the big event?
Let us know!
Plan It, Cook It, Share It - Update
Many of you will know that our lottery funded Plan It, Cook It, Share It, project had to be put on hold throughout the various Covid-19 lockdowns and our project worker Chris was placed on furlough. Chris and the team have been desperate to restart the project as we know how much participants who have already taken part loved the cooking sessions. So, here is some good news – the project will be restarting in June!
Chris will be back to share his knowledge, skills and support to get you all cooking exciting new dishes and sharing your favourite recipes with others. He will also cover cooking for families on a budget and cooking for one for anyone who lives on their own.
Chris will be joining some of the Timebank on Tour sessions so pop along to have a chat with him and find out more about how to get involved.
What's been going on in your area ...
Barne Barton
Timebankers in Barne Barton are eagerly looking forward to welcoming the Timebank on Tour bus to their neighbourhood on Tuesday 22nd June at 10.00am – 12.30pm.
The bus will be parked at the Resource Centre, Poole Park Road, PL51DD so come and find us to find out more about Timebanking.
Our resident members are keen to share their experience of Timebanking and they hope to get more people involved in their neighbourhood.
A few of our members continue to meet online every Tuesday to support each other and have a laugh or two about the silly things in life.
This was yesterday’s T and T session, with Alan talking about history. As it was the 1st time some of them had been together in over a year the History was a bit difficult,
In Efford we have begun to clear, tidy, cut-back and de litter the area surrounding the Efford Youth and Community Centre. We are so grateful to Dee and the team for hosting us while we are unable to use the library, using the space means we are able to meet with some of our more vulnerable members as well as enjoy a cuppa in the dry when the weather misbehaves! In Stonehouse we have been playing board games in the front garden and we are now moving forward with plans to clear the back garden area of Union Corner and create another welcoming
and useable space for the people who use the space. And finally, in Devonport we have been very busy with exchanges and have more planned, but most of all, we are very excited to be able to meet back at Devonport Live Cafe next week!!
Where can you find us?

Some venues have been changed due to accessibility and covid regulations so please see below for an update on where you can find your local Timebank:
Barne Barton - Over the next few weeks members will be meeting outdoors (weather permitting) for walks, gardening and one or two picnics, with the hope that they can meet again at Livewest’s Community House in Furze Park later in mid-June.
Efford - We are currently meeting at the Efford Youth and Community centre 10 - 12 pm on Mondays until we get further information on being able to use the Library. 
Devonport - We are super pleased to be able to meet at Devonport Live Cafe as of Tuesday 8th June! We will be there from 10 - 12 noon.
Stonehouse - We are very lucky to continue to be able to meet at Union Corner each Wednesday from 3 - 5 pm as we can use the outside as well as the inside space.
Honicknowle -  On 
Fridays members meet from10-12 in St Francis Church, Little Dock Lane. PL5 2LZ
ErnesettleWe are currently meeting at the Community Cafe at St Aidans Church, West Malling Ave. Pl5 2SS until we are able to meet back together at the Space Centre.
North Prospect At present members are still meeting online via Zoom and sometimes in people's gardens on Monday's from 10-12pm.
Whitleigh - Members meet on Wednesdays at Four Greens using the inside space as well as going outside to complete gardening jobs.

Each of these venues welcome limited numbers of people in line with the current COVID 19 guidelines. If you wish to attend you will need to contact the outreach worker in the area to secure a place.
Other Information & Resources
Timebank South West are back in the office!

We are pleased to announce that our Timebank office in Whitleigh Wellbeing Hub will be staffed every Monday and Wednesday 10.00am – 2.00pm by Kimberley our Communications and Admin Worker. Kimberley will be there to answer your phone calls when:
  • You have a timebank question you want to ask
  • You want some help with a task
  • You want to learn a new skills
  • You want to get involved in our group activities including socials, gardening, walks, litter picks, day trips
  • You want to get involved in one of our projects including:
    • Plan It, Cook It, Share It
    • Pen Pal Project
    • Mayflower 400
  • You want to offer your time or skill to help others
Office telephone: 01752 875930 ( Wednesday's) or you can email:
The Great Timebank Pen Pal Exchange
 We are so pleased to be bringing people together to share their stories through the medium of writing and are still looking to match people up with other members across the country. The Plymouth Play Scrap Store have also been wonderfully supportive of the project by donating fabulous writing packs to each member who finds a pen pal.  Get in touch if you would like to become a pen pal.
If you have a specific interest that you would like to learn more about or share your knowledge of let us know. It could be a book club, an art club, knitting, crochet, gardening, flower arranging ... anything at all. It would be wonderful to be able to link up members across the city to meet virtually and discuss their hobbies.
Knitting Pattern Library
We have recently had a wonderful range of knitting patterns donated to us and so we thought we could set up a knitting pattern lending library. If you are a knatty knitter and like to try something different or if you are new to knitting and would like to start on something small, there is something here for you. With stitch libraries and handy hints this great resource is here for you. If you would like to borrow a pattern or enquire about a specific pattern please get in touch with Zoe: 
Timebank UK - The joy of six (million)

Speaking of celebrating, we hope you noticed the amazing milestone we recently reached together. Our time banks have cumulatively reached the breathtaking total of 6 million timebanking hours! Our IT manager Ian spent the tail end of March poring over Time Online 2 and the other platforms used by our time banks and at last TBUK’s number-crunching software hit the magical number, with Woolmer Forest being the time bank that tipped the balance.

We extend our congratulations and thanks to brokers Claire, Helen and Rachel, and to the two Woolmer Forest members, Daphne and Sue, whose exchange was our six millionth – but this is a victory and a huge achievement for all of you, your team and your members, and for our timebanking movement as a whole. Every hour you and your members have exchanged has helped us reach this monumental total – heartfelt thanks to all of you.
We're delighted to announce that TBUK is hosting next year's International Timebanking Day in March 2022. We'll be reaching out to time banks all over the world to tell their stories – and we'd love you to get involved. Watch this space...

Timebanking for beginners

We have more Introduction to Timebanking sessions lined up. These are ideal for any potential partners, or new members or team members, so please feel free to share them; they’re always an hour long.
Dates and times are below – feel free to share, and please ask people to register ahead of time.
2pm on Monday 24 May
Midday on Thursday 17 June
3pm on Tuesday 20 July
1pm on Friday 13 August
4pm on Wednesday 15 September
10.30am on Thursday 14 October
Midday on Tuesday 16 November
2pm on Monday 13 December

Unify Plymouth - Job Opportunity

We wish to establish a Community Cohesion Partnership in the four City wards with the most challenging cohesion rates to develop an inclusive local vision statement.

To this end we are recruiting a community connector from each of these four areas to support this project.

Incredible events and exhibitions to enjoy in Plymouth this summer:

11th July - Mayflower 400 Four Nations Ceremony:

The Four Nations Ceremony is the UK’s flagship Mayflower 400 event, marking the closure of the international Mayflower 400 commemorations.

17th-18th July
One of the world’s most impressive sail racing events, SailGP, will stop in Plymouth in 2021, following the season opening events in Bermuda and Taranto, Italy.

14th-15th August The Hatchling 

This August, theatre-makers Trigger will stage The Hatchling, an extraordinary outdoor performance bringing a worldwide myth to life. A giant puppet in the form of a dragon will appear in Plymouth and roam through the city, exploring its new surroundings and interacting with the public.

18th-19th August British Firework Championships:
The world-famous British Firework Championships is set to return to Plymouth's waterfront in August, with the popular annual event attracting approximately 100,000 people over two nights.

27th-29th August 1 Big Summer :
1 Big Summer, a three-day music event, will take place on Plymouth Hoe on the August bank holiday weekend with each day curated to appeal to a plethora of musical tastes, genres and audiences.

The Box Plymouth:
From 18 May to 11 July 2021, the Box will also host its first touring exhibition - Wampum: Stories from the Shells of Native America.

Tickets for The Box will be available to book from mid-April. For ticket information visit

Stay safe and well

From your Timebank Team - Liza, Sally, Zoe, Kimberley and Chris
Copyright © 2021 Timebank South West, All rights reserved.

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