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Please find attached bulletin for this week.

Zoom Sabbath 10:00am - 10:45am
Zoom Church 11:00am - 12:00pm

Offering this week - Local - give via eGiving
Please also find important letter from our SNSW CFO below

Zoom Closing Sabbath Vespers 7:00pm - 8:00pm

If you need help getting on Zoom please call Damian on 0414 548 058
Zoom ID 411176871
Please see below some great resources to watch, listen and share....
Some helpful tips for keeping your food safe from COVID-19 
The world church has begun “100 days of Prayer” - March 27 to July 4 –
“Calling on Jesus in our urgent need”.
While this 100 Days of Prayer initiative was originally designed to inspire people from all around the world to pray for the Holy Spirit outpouring on the upcoming General Conference Session, now that GC session has been postponed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are pressing forward in prayer anyway. What better time to be praying than now when all the world is in agitation. Thankfully God is still on the throne. And He hears our prayers.
We encourage all church members to prepare individually for the soon coming of Jesus by praying for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and for personal revival for mission. Go to the link below and register… you will be emailed a thought for each day and a list of relevant prayer items. These will be used in the 6.30am Zoom Prayer times, and are also perfect to use for family morning or evening worships. Time really is short… praying our whole church will be involved and that the Holy Spirit will move powerfully upon each of us and use us as His hands & feet in the coming days/weeks/months!
Prayer Ministry Team


This is gonna be really fun! We’re releasing Table Talk Season 4 and the subject is what some people would be regarded as a fool's errand: the book of Revelation.

The world is full of people who say, “You can't understand that book, don't even tackle it, it's full of symbols, nobody knows what it means.” It's the “revelation” which some people regard as the “concealment."

But is the book mistitled? Should it have a different name? God inspired the book and it's called the “Revelation” so it seems like we should expect to actually understand what the book teaches.

Are you up for this challenge? If so, join Ty Gibson, David Asscherick, James Rafferty, and Jeffrey Rosario around the table in a discussion of Revelation unlike any other.

Episode 1 is already available at With new episodes released every day, you can start watching now, add episodes to your “watch later” list, and share them with your friends and family.


A new suite of resources created by ELIA Wellness is aimed at helping people better understand COVID-19, boost immunity and keep them safe.

The resources include videos, factsheets and wellness programs produced in conjunction with health professionals.

The video resources feature Dr Andrew Pennington from the Sanctuary Lifestyle Clinic (Sydney), who presents on topics surrounding COVID-19, including its transmission and properties, how to protect yourself and boost immunity, and how to react if you or family members are affected. The first eight videos are now available to watch via the ELIA Wellness Facebook page.
If you are looking for a great TV series to follow during the lock down then take a look at “The Chosen”.
The first ever multi season TV show about the life of Jesus created outside the Hollywood system.
The series allows you to see Jesus through the eyes of those who knew him.
In today’s corona virus world, people will see Jesus through the eyes of those who know him.
It’s free to watch. 
Happy sabbath. 
Pastor Andrew.
I just received the link below in an email from AudioVerse, put together by the GC…
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