Ego Driven Insanity
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Step Three Need Not Be Difficult

Abandon Our Failed Ego Driven Insanity

I don’t believe that any two people in the A.A. program have settled into a concept of a higher power that are identical in every respect. Alcoholics have been off the grid for such a time that their concept of everything must be recalibrated into some form of strategy that they can work with whether or not, anybody else understands the linguistics they use to describe it.

The taking of Step Three is deciding to abandon our failed ego driven insanity and to find another source of principles and behaviors to replace them. Some of us return to the religion of our choice while others may struggle with that idea and settle for an approach that is more practical in nature.

We in Alcoholics Anonymous see examples of success in a variety of different approaches when it comes to turning our will and our lives over to a power greater than ourselves. If this wasn’t that way, where would the Agnostic and Atheist go to get relief from this terrible disease?

I get an uncomfortable feeling at a meeting when it starts going overly religious and I see a new member squirming in his seat. I was the one described in step two in the 12×12 that had “tried religion and found it wanting.” Had I not read that line in the 12×12 I may not have stayed with the ... Continue reading »

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