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The Persons We Have Harmed

It’s Time to Pay the Piper

How many of us show up at the doors of Alcoholics Anonymous ready to start exploring our past and all the issues that we have had with our fellow man? Not me!

I came here with a rationalizing, alcoholic mind, and the last thing I intended to do was to go searching for more things to hate about myself. The alcoholic within me was pointing the finger at them to minimize the appearance that I was at fault.

My mind was constantly spinning yarns to have the right answers ready should anyone question why I did the things I did. In all my waking hours, I got no peace of mind unless I had something to drink in me, and when that happened, it diminished the need to care about other people. And, in fact, it immediately turned into drunken arrogance and often into verbal and physical confrontations.

A life lived by those standards can only end in destruction and when we have the option to drink it away, we can put it off indefinitely, but eventually we will have to pay the piper.

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AA Never Fails

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