Rebuilding Our Morality
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A Life of Principles and Purpose

Rebuilding Our Morality

The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous are placed in numerical order for a reason. Each step is preparatory to the next step and requires a certain amount of attention before we can successfully move on to the next step.

Simply put, Step One is acknowledging that we have a problem. Step Two is about accepting outside help. Step Three is where we surrender to that outside help (a Power greater than ourselves). Step Four is the beginning of the action steps, where we acknowledge and document the immoral behaviors of our past and those we offended.

Step Five may be the most difficult step, where we must admit “the exact nature of our wrongs” to God, to ourselves and to another human being. It was that other human being part that I found to be the most difficult thing. This delayed my progress for a short time.

We cannot change one moment of the past, but we can ... Continue reading »

There Is Hope
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Customs or Traditions

Sometimes I Just Cringe

The 1960s reminded us that, “Things they are a-changin.” This theme still echoes into today’s AA meeting room customs. Some of ...

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