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ASEM Pres. Release
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2015 ASEM President Gene Dixon can be reached by phone at 
252-737-1031 or by email .
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October 7th - 10th, 2015
2015 ASEM International Annual Conference

Driving Change: An Engineering Management Imperative
at the Alexander Hotel in
Indianapolis, Indiana USA

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~ June 2015 ~

Get a Free EMBOK!

During the month of June, you can receive a FREE Guide to the Engineering Management Body of Knowledge (EMBOK) when you purchase membership, renew your membership, or extend your current membership! Offer available while supplies last.
~ 15 July 2015 ~

Are you interested in receiving an ASEM Scholarship?

The American Society for Engineering Management (ASEM) is pleased to invite applications for one $500 undergraduate scholarship and one $500 graduate scholarship to be awarded for academic year 2015-2016.

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Engineering Management Journal
now available on Taylor & Francis Online

ASEM, the Engineering Management Journal, and Taylor and Francis have been working over the past few months to transition the publication of EMJ to Taylor & Francis Online (TFO).  The June 2015 issue (Volume 27, No. 2) is currently available on TFO.  ASEM members can read the articles in the June issue (as well as all archive issues of EMJ) by following the steps below:
Step 1 ASEM Member Log-in: Log into the members-only portal from the left-hand side of the ASEM homepage at
Step 2 Accessing EMJ on TFO:  After successfully logging into ASEM, within the “Engineering Management Journal” tab, click on the link at the end of the first paragraph. This will take you to the EMJ page on the TFO site.
Step 3 Creating Alerts: If you would like to be notified whenever a new EMJ issue is published on TFO, you should create an alert.  On the EMJ TFO site, click “Alert Me” on the main page to request an alert.  (Please note that you will also need to create an account on TFO in order for this preference to be saved). In the future, when you receive an alert from TFO telling you that a new issue is available, you will need to login to the ASEM portal and access the issue this way (as explained in Steps 1 and 2 above) in order to access the full text of the journal.
ASEM and the Editorial Board of EMJ welcome this transition, as it will greatly enhance the distribution, visibility, and growth of our journal, as well as provide additional key benefits for members and authors.  We hope you enjoy the June issue!
Call for Industry Volunteers for Industry Roundtable Panel
     In line with our 2015 theme, we, ASEM, have an imperative to lead the evolution of engineering management around the world.  However, ASEM cannot succeed without the collaboration of strong engineering managers and leaders across government and industry.  To this end, we have established our first annual Industry Roundtable: Overcoming Obstacles to Change in Engineering Management. 
     The roundtable consists of panel members who will share their most challenging set of issues in engineering management in an open forum, to spur a valuable discussion on overcoming obstacles, implementing best practices, sharing lessons learned, and celebrating success stories.  We would like to invite industry participants to volunteer to be a panelist in the first ASEM Industry Roundtable that will be introduced at the 2015 ASEM International Annual Conference (IAC) in Indianapolis, Indiana from October 7-10.  Strong industry participation will significantly contribute to the growth of the engineering management profession around the world.
     The ASEM annual conference spans the full range of engineering management areas, from engineering economics, supply change management, systems engineering, project management through to leadership management, technology and R&D management as well as emerging areas such as sustainability, energy and healthcare engineering management.  The conference is attended by both engineering management practitioners from industry and government organizations, as well as leading academic researchers and students. More information on the 2015 conference is available at:
     To accept our call please email your interest statement to volunteer as a panelist on the ASEM Industry Roundtable to Gene Dixon,, President ASEM.
Submit Nominations for the
2015 ASEM Awards!

- Bernard R. Sarchet Award
- Frank Woodbury Special Service Award
- Meritorious Service Award
- Founder's Award - Undergraduate
- Founder's Award - Graduate
- Founder's Award - Student Section
- Presidential Award - Local Section
- Best Dissertation Award
- ASEM World Headquarters Service Commendation Award

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for more information on all ASEM Awards.
Chinese Academy of Engineering
Partners with ASEM

     The Division of Engineering Management of the Chinese Academy of Engineering has signed a memorandum of understanding with ASEM.  The agreement, signed at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou, China, capped months of negotiations.  The five-year agreement will promote activities and services of ASEM in China, explore a Chinese translation of the EMBOK, promote ASEM program and individual certifications of the AEM and PEM, jointly offer webinars, seek to establish an official ASEM chapter in China, promote ASEM’s Engineering Management Journal and the CAE’s journal Frontiers in Engineering Management, and explore cooperation on other issues pertinent to the profession of engineering management.  

Picture: The contract is signed by Mr. Hu Wenrui, Co-chairman of the Division of Engineering Management of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor-engineer at the Advisory Center of China National Petroleum Corporation, and Dr. Dave Wyrick, ASEM Associate Executive Director.
ASEM Delegation Visits China for the International Summit Forum on Engineering Science and Technology
     A delegation of eight ASEM representatives were offered the opportunity to share their insights related to Engineering Management, Complex Project Management and Sustainability as keynote speakers of the 9th Engineering Management Forum of China. As such they have been able to showcase the knowledge and expertise of our society for more than 500 elite scientists and engineers of China.

from left to right: Eileen Van Aken (EMJ Co-Editor-in-Chief); Walter Nowocin (EMBOK, 4th Edition Co-Editor); Beth Cudney (Immediate Past President); Geert Letens (President-Elect); Simon Philbin (International Director); Steve Wang (at-large, University of Alaska); Lida Xu (at large, Old Dominion University); Dave Wyrick (Associate Executive Director)
ASEM Leadership Opportunities are Available!

     Are you ready to become more involved with the terrific network of Engineering Managers found in ASEM?  If you would like to serve as an elected officer, contact Geert ( for more information.  
Are you ready for your next adventure? 

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