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Today’s tip comes from my friend. Her son frequently forgets what he’s doing while getting ready for school and wanders off to play. Honestly, it’s not that he’s purposefully not doing what he’s supposed to, he legitimately gets distracted by his own imagination and forgets that he’s supposed to be finding his shoes.

Sometimes, Creativity = Distraction

He’s a super creative kid and that got me thinking… you know who else is super creative? YOU! For most creative people, almost anything can be a distraction. It’s easy to keep a to-do list when you’re sitting at your computer, but what about when you’re up and wandering around the house?
I especially get distracted when I’m doing my morning or evening chores (feeding the pets, making coffee, making the smoothie). Next thing I know, I’m folding the laundry instead of working out… there might also be a little creative procrastination going on here. This is a problem because if I want to take the dogs for a walk in the morning, I have leave the house by a certain time so I can be back before my husband needs to leave for work and I need to get our son off to school. More and more, I end up missing my walks because I distract myself right into missing that one-hour window.

The duh-that's-so-obvious List

So, I’m trying my friend’s solution. She made a list for her son for every morning:
  • Shower
  • Brush teeth
  • Make bed
  • Get dressed
  • Put on shoes
  • Eat Breakfast
These items seem so obvious that you might be wondering how a list can help. Here’s how - He carries it around with him, so even if he gets distracted, eventually he sees the clipboard again and gets back to whatever he’s supposed to be doing.

DIY Dry Erase Checklist

Here’s the part I especially love… she laminated it and put it on a clipboard. Now it’s a reusable dry erase list!
I don’t have easy access to a laminator, so I put my list inside a sheet protector and put it on the fridge. My dry erase marker has a magnet on it, and it’s ready to go!


RANDOM TIP: I also have all my recipes in sheet protectors in a binder and I use a dry erase marker to check ingredients off as I use them. If I don’t check them off, my brain gets a little obsessive about reading the list over and over and making sure I didn’t forget anything. Oh, Mel’s brain. Let’s chill out a little, shall we?
That's it for this week! Don't forget, you can email me ( or find me on Facebook or Twitter if you have questions! 

Happy Listing!


Mel Jolly
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