September 11, 2015 - Love. Life. Om.
Rebirth coming soon! New and improved site, services, and support!
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Rebirth is coming soon!

My one wish is to bring as much peace and hope to survivors and thrivers of sociopath and narcissist abuse as I can. Although I've been quiet on my blog and social media sites over the past several months, my mind has been loud. My summer months were dedicated to 1) extreme self-care; and 2) balancing, reorganizing, and re-imagining the future of the recovery support services I offer. As I formulated a plan, one truth became abundantly clear:

There is no one-size-fits all plan for recovery.

Each of you experienced unique and complex stories, requiring individualized approaches to healing. Layer upon layer of known and unknown traumas wrap around you, constricting and restricting you from moving. But breaking free doesn't have to be elusive. The cocoon in which you've isolated yourself for fear of hurting or further alienating others is only temporary yet necessary. Your cocoon serves as a safe haven filled with all the tools essential for your liberation -- body, mind and spirit. 

Life is about choices.

A beloved friend reminded me last week that life isn't about fate; rather, it's about choices. You have complete control over your destiny simply by learning to accept your past, trust your present, and maintain hope for your future. And it all begins with the choice to believe you matter despite your current, contrary, and conditioned beliefs.

You are destined to heal and transform!

You will emerge into the light and discover true peace and joy, and I want to help you on your journey. In the coming weeks, I'll be launching a completely new website. Essential information will be easier to find, and the posts you've come to rely upon will remain. New features and services will be added, including:
  • iRest Yoga Nidra (guided meditation) recordings to heal your PTSD
  • Monthly private group chats to share challenges and breakthroughs
  • Health Coach services designed specifically for relationship abuse recovery
  • New posts, giveaways, free ebooks, and much more!
When I dipped my toe into the intimidating world of blogging and sharing my story 3+ years ago, I never imagined I'd be transformed and inspired to my core to be of service to others. But I'm here, and I'm embracing the challenge. I'm dedicated to bringing you my very best work from my heart.

Look for an announcement in the coming weeks with a link to the new Love. Life. Om. website and blog.

Love and namaste,

P.S. If you want to send me a private message, reply directly to this email. 
About Paula Carrasquillo and Love. Life. Om.

Paula Carrasquillo is an author, educator, certified yoga teacher and health coach. After her personal awakening, Paula founded Love. Life. Om. with a mission to serve individuals on their journey of holistic transformation and personal healing. Paula works closely with her clients to formulate thoughtful, personalized wellness plans combining nutrition education, journaling exercises, yoga postures and meditation. She also offers group yoga and meditation classes in the DC-metro area. Live the life of your dreams, uncover your deepest heart's desire and tap into your truest self. Visit Love. Life. Om.'s website today to set up an appointment.
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